Success Story: LSZ

Smiling woman working on laptop.

LSZ effectively employs GoTo Webinar for hosting webinars, benefiting from the platform's capability to facilitate thorough participant registration and design interactive polls for immediate feedback. The versatility of GoTo Webinar enables LSZ to organize events irrespective of location, thereby bolstering the company's growth initiatives. The shift towards virtual formats underscores the significance of webinars as a crucial component that seamlessly complements traditional event formats.

LSZ GmbH was established in 1988 to serve as a platform designed to connect decisionmakers. Guided by the motto ‘Future Connections’, its core mission is to facilitate engagement with future-oriented issues. A major name in the events industry, LSZ brings together over 10,000 decision-makers at more than 40 in-person and 60 virtual events each year.

“GoTo Webinar provides a great opportunity for us to reach our target group in a way that’s direct, quick and easy. We mostly use webinars for subject matters such as digital transformation, security and future of work”


-Claudia Marx

Business Unit Manager at LSZ