8 must-have features for your business phone system

8 must-have features for your business phone system


Not all business phones are created equal. Some desk phones are collecting dust and don’t integrate with hybrid work models. Some employees are using personal cellphones to take calls on the road. Some businesses need 2-3 communication solutions to cover all their needs. But multiple tools create multiple bills, vendor relationships, and unnecessary complexity for your IT teams. Instead, your phone system can have it all. Here are the must-have features:

1. Access from any device

If you’re still using a legacy phone system, you’re missing out on necessary flexibility. A modern, cloud-based phone can be accessed from any device — web, desktop, or mobile app. It also can support traditional desk and conference phones. Your team can maintain productivity wherever they are.

2. One app and one unified admin

One app and one admin equal one easy-to-use communication system. You can call, text, meet, message, and even send a fax virtually from a single app. A unified app also helps IT teams who support and manage the tech stack. A consolidated solution and intuitive admin tools help simplify the admin experience, with one interface for monitoring, managing, and customizing the phone system.

3. Visual dial plan editor

What if your call routing and phone schedules could be as easy as drag-and-drop? If your business has a complex dial plan to make sure incoming calls get to the right person at the right time, a visual dial plan editor is the key. And you can set up your custom call attendant. An intuitive drag and drop user interface allows you to set up, test, and update your phone system with ease.


4. Real-time analytics

Accessing key metrics doesn’t have to be cumbersome, like it is with many legacy phone systems. Instead, you can track call quality, usage, device status, and more in real-time. You can also create customizable alerts for certain issues that can impact your business. This can save essential time instead of waiting for a user to report the issue.

5. Secure meetings and recordings

Instead of juggling multiple tools and logins, you can have your virtual meetings solution integrated with your business phone. Flip easily from message to meeting, or phone to meeting in a unified app. An encrypted architecture helps secure your business and keep things private. Even better, you can record meetings with automatic transcriptions. Most meetings platforms support recording, but not all allow customers to use cloud or local recording. This keeps all team members in the loop.

6. Easy scheduling

Make sure your team knows exactly where and when the virtual meeting is. With easy scheduling and calendar integrations, you can create one-time or recurring meeting rooms. Most importantly you can assign a co-organizer in case you can’t make it.

7. 1:1 or group messaging

Continue your conversation from meetings or calls with 1:1 chat or group messaging. This is also essential for keeping your teams organized and in easy communication. You can easily share documents, images, or other important content, all within an encrypted architecture to keep everything safe.

8. Text messaging

Does your business utilized SMS to communicate with your clients or employees? Often, personal cellphones get used for this function. Instead, your business phone can handle the outbound texting right from the same interface you make calls, host meetings, and send group chats (within the United States).

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