The New GoTo Marketplace and Partner Integrations Are Now Live!


We recently announced the launch of the GoTo Marketplace! This marketplace is a single point of access to all the applications and productivity tools that integrate with LogMeIn’s GoTo Suite of Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) products. So not only do all of our current integrations – some of which you may be using right now – live within this space, but we announced some brand new integrations, as well as some improved integrations for the GoTo portfolio. These include Salesforce Lightning, Theta Lake, Clio, Zoho and Prezi. The new integrations, built by LogMeIn and our partners, help drive productivity and efficiency within our customers' communication and collaboration workflows. 

The GoTo Marketplace was born from our customers' need to more easily access all of the applications that integrate with GoTo’s suite of products, such as GoToMeetingGoToWebinar, Jive and GoToConnect. Now customers can quickly begin using the GoTo suite with applications and productivity tools – ranging from sales, marketing and customer support tools, to scheduling, collaboration, education and learning apps – from one easy-to-navigate site. With the help of the GoTo Marketplace, our customers (and their end-users) can build a more personalized workflow offering that fits into their professional ecosystem based on their specific roles and business needs.

It’s our goal to meet our customers where they are. This means that we look to support our customers from a product standpoint with our meeting, webinar, voice and room solutions within their current ecosystem – integrating with the tools they already use. 

The latest integrations to be included in the GoTo Marketplace are:

  • Clio and GoToConnectWith Clio and Jive/GoToConnect, legal practices receive alerts through automated screen pops when a current client is calling, and seamless call-tracking ensures that a recent or past call can be attributed to a time entry which can later be billed in Clio. New matters can also be created or attributed to a call in Jive and instantly synced to Clio. 

  • Zoho and GoToConnectThe Zoho CRM-Jive integration helps sales teams simplify call activity management for inbound and outbound phone calls with call notification screen pop-ups, click-to call dialing, and automatic call logging. Zia Intelligent Call Routing, powered by Zoho’s Intelligent Assistant (ZIA), prioritizes and automatically routes calls to match customer needs with agent skills, enabling companies to deliver first-call resolution and ramp up and improve the caller experience with personalized service, simpler workflows and advanced call management features. Zoho also integrates with GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

  • Prezi and GoToWebinarWith Prezi and GoToWebinar you and your contentcome together on the same screen like a news broadcast, for more engaging visuals in your webinars. This removes the need to switch to a separate screen to show visual references and creates a clearer connection between a person and their visual content,

  • Theta Lake and GoToMeetingTheta Lake automates the capture and archiving of video communications and detects compliance risks and data leakage in video communications. This is extremely valuable for customers in regulated industries who need a process to detect compliance risks and data leakage that remains hidden in video communications. 

  • Salesforce Lightning and GoToMeetingThis integration for GoToMeeting allows users the ability to launch GoToMeeting straight from Salesforce. It allows for the easy setup of face-to-face meetings with leads, contacts and opportunities without ever leaving Salesforce. Users also get full context of prospects with detailed records of sales calls, recordings, and conversations histories. 

  • Salesforce Lightning and GoToConnectUsers can click-to-call using Jive Voice and GoToConnect, straight from Salesforce with this new integration, currently in public beta. This provides more accurate sales analytics with automatic call logging and daily call tracking, as well as improved efficiency with click-to-call, note taking and finding and responding to missed calls. Salesforce also integrates with GoToWebinar

We are thrilled to announce all of these productivity- and efficiency-enhancing integrations with some incredible tools, and hope you can now build a more personalized workflow offering using the GoTo Marketplace. For more information on the GoTo Marketplace, and to check out a comprehensive list of our integrations and partners, visit:

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