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Automate the capture and archiving of video communications and detect compliance risks and data leakage in video communications

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GoToMeeting is a powerful productivity tool for organizations to meet, collaborate, and personalize communications. However, regulated organizations adopting video collaboration tools are subject to increasing regulatory requirements around retention, review, and supervision of this growing communication channel.

Video is a much richer form of communication, with webcam, screen sharing, content/file sharing, chat, and whiteboarding functionality. However, these features make it more difficult for compliance, legal, and risk teams to perform the required retention, eDiscovery, and supervision at scale across voice, visual, and text-based content present in GoToMeeting.

Regulated industries need a process and platform to automate the capture and archiving of video communications, along with the detection of compliance risks and data leakage that remains hidden in your video communications.

Capture + Long-Term Retention + eDiscovery + Supervision

Theta Lake’s compliance suite provides a secure, WORM compliant archive for discovering, accessing, and reviewing GoToMeeting recordings. Through the native integration, Theta Lake automatically analyzes GoToMeeting recordings for regulatory and corporate compliance risks. Meetings are analyzed and indexed enabling compliance teams to search across spoken, shared, or shown (whiteboard/screen share) content within a GoToMeeting.

Use Cases

  • Efficient and Effective Supervision of Video Communications - 40+ pre-built policies based on NLP and ML automate the detection of regulatory, corporate compliance, and conduct risks
  • Data Leakage Prevention - Detect sharing of confidential information
  • Secure Long-Term Archive - 17a-4 WORM compliant archive with rule-based retention policies and robust eDiscovery.

How to Install

Joint GoToMeeting and Theta Lake customers benefit from policy-based retention, automated risk detection, and workflow insights that streamline supervision of GoToMeeting recordings.

  1. Theta Lake natively integrates with GoToMeeting and enables you to apply compliance policies and create customizable workflows for the videos you want to be included in your governance practice.
  2. Theta Lake automatically analyzes shown, shared, spoken, and whiteboard content when a new GoToMeeting recording is generated.
  3. Organizations create rule-based policies for long-term video content retention in a secure, WORM-compliant archive and have access to rich eDiscovery across video recordings.


Customers need an active GoToMeeting account plus a paid Theta Lake subscription to get started. Please contact a Theta Lake sales representative at to set up an account and for questions on pricing.


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