Best VoIP app for domestic and international calls



Meet all your business needs with seamless international VoIP phone service

It’s 2023, so why do business phone systems feel stuck in the ’90s?

For decades, businesses have been getting phone service the same way. They purchase a full set-up of servers, phones, and other hardware and have them installed on-site. But that’s not the way business works anymore.

There are more small business owners in the U.S. than ever, with over 33 million recorded in 2023! Thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, many businesses also operate internationally, selling products or services worldwide with hybrid or remote teams.

That’s why many business owners are rejecting old-school phone service set-ups and turning to VoIP calling apps for their needs.

What is a VoIP calling app?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Instead of going through traditional phone lines, VoIP calls are transmitted over the internet. Most VoIP users use cloud-based business phone services like GoTo Connect. These hosted VoIP services are more flexible and provide business owners with an expanse of features that go far beyond traditional phone service.

Why use a VoIP app for business calls?

VoIP calling apps offer a wide variety of features and integrations. As of 2019, 69% of companies used VoIP, and the global VoIP market is growing significantly each year.

So what makes VoIP so much better than traditional phone service?

VoIP boosts mobility

Using a VoIP calling app allows you to conduct business calls from anywhere. With VoIP, you can use any internet-connected device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone. That means you can take a conference call on the couch, follow up with a client on your morning commute, or run your sales pitch on vacation in the Bahamas (although, we think you should focus on soaking up the sun with your feet in the sand instead).

VoIP costs less

Paying for on-premise phone lines, hardware, software, and installation can cost upwards of $10,000 for a small business. Not to mention the cost of purchasing additional lines and equipment as you scale up your business. Companies save up to 50-75% when they switch to a VoIP service. You can choose from low-cost options with all the features you need and none of the ones you don’t.

VoIP services offer seamless collaboration

Because a VoIP calling app facilitates communication through one central hub, team members can seamlessly switch between messaging, calling, or video conferencing, even in several different time zones. This allows for more organization within a business and better response times when working with outside clients and vendors.

How to choose the best VoIP calling app for international calls

Working on a global scale comes with challenges, especially when it comes to communication across countries. With a hosted VoIP service, you’ll get a variety of features that make doing business internationally less complicated. However, not every VoIP service is created equal. Here are some key items to consider when choosing a hosted VoIP calling service.

Admin experience & ease of use

Simple is best when it comes to business tools. That’s why you want to look for VoIP services that make it simple to conduct international calls. With GoTo’s international VoIP calling, anyone on your team with admin privileges can toggle international dialing permissions on and off with a simple click.

Then, making the international call is just four easy four steps.

Customer support

Good customer support can make or break the customer experience. When researching VoIP services read reviews and success stories from other users. GoTo offers 24/7 award-winning support with over 4 stars on over 1,000 ratings across ten key support areas and a library of customer support resources and training.

Value for the price

International calls have a history of being expensive. When reviewing VoIP services, pay close attention to the price of international calling. Will it be included in your plan, charged by the minute, or is it an add-on service that will cost more money? GoTo’s standard VoIP service plan includes international calling to 50+ countries with some of the lowest international per-minute calling rates for countries outside our free network.

All-in-one solution

The beauty of VoIP calling apps is that they offer an opportunity for technological integrations that can enhance productivity and customer experience. Look for a VoIP service that offers a robust portfolio of features that optimize communication across borders and oceans.

GoTo offers calling, messaging, video conferencing, and features like call forwarding, queuing, routing, and more—all at no additional cost. GoTo also offers many add-on features that make international business seamless.

Ready to make the call?

Don’t let clunky old-school phone systems stop your business in its tracks. Join the growing number of companies switching to VoIP with the best VoIP calling app for international calls. Let’s make work life easier together. If you’re ready to check out GoTo’s innovative VoIP calling service, visit and get a demo..