Success Story: Sage

Sage GoTo Webinar has enabled Sage to support its customers’ success by resolving their queries with an industry-first live Q&A platform. Q&A Live enables Sage to deliver valuable information to customers, answer questions more quickly than ever, and improve the productivity of its customer service teams while maintaining its outstanding service standards.

Sage initiated live online Q&A sessions to provide technical support information to customers when it faced a surge in demand with the launch of Making Tax Digital. The sessions proved so popular that Sage decided to expand the service to deliver five all-day webinars each day, providing support for different software packages and services. 

To manage the vastly increased volumes and to eliminate problems associated with its existing webinar platform, Sage turned to GoTo Webinar from GoTo. The result was an immediate boost in customer satisfaction scores, improvements in the ease of delivery for Sage technicians, and enhanced privacy for webinar attendees. 
Sage is the market-leading provider of integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems that help small and medium businesses perform at their best. Sage is trusted by millions of customers worldwide to deliver the best cloud technology and support, with its partners, to manage finances, operations, and people. It believes in doing everything it can to help people be the best they can be, so the combined efforts of 13,000 Sage colleagues working with businesses and communities make a real difference to the world.

“The GoTo solution has allowed us to seamlessly migrate our physical events into a virtual environment, without impacting the quality of service for our customers and partners.”


-Sabby Gill

Managing Director, Sage

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