Success Story: The Arbinger Institute

GOTO0184_GoTo_Connect_GoTo_Assist_Case_Study_1500x900-png When the Arbinger Institute’s VoIP contract was coming up for renewal, James Prince, Director of IT Infrastructure, realized it was time to consider other options. Prince considered several solutions before choosing to implement GoTo Connect due to its ease of use and customization capabilities. GoToAssist completed their solution for VoIP and remote support software in one consoludated package. So far, GoTo Connect and GoToAssist have been especially helpful for Arbinger in navigating the global pandemic through to a new work-from-anywhere world, and the feedback from across the organization has being overwhelmingly positive.
The Arbinger Institute is a global training, coaching, and consulting firm helping individuals, teams, and organizations shift from the default self- focus referred to as an inward mindset to the others-inclusive focus of an outward mindset.

“Not everybody is under the same roof anymore. Having GoToAssist makes it simple for us to onboard new employees. GoToAssist gives us full control.”


-James Prince

Director of IT Infrastructure, The Arbinger Institute

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