Conversational ticketing: The what, why, and wow



If you miss the personal, hands-on feel of IT support when employees could walk up to a help desk, or an agent could drop by an employee’s desk to troubleshoot IT issues on the spot.

If you miss help always being around the corner.

If ticketing is causing increased frustration and decreased productivity.

If flexible, real-time support is hard to achieve.

If employees think that requesting support sometimes feels like screaming into a black hole, unsure if anyone is aware or listening.

If you are relying on outdated ITSM tools and ticketing systems that are

A) not intuitive,

B) force end users through a workflow that is stitched together and foreign to their daily grind, and

C) requires IT staff to jump from a collection of ITSM tools to resolve simple issues.

Then it’s time to turn your messaging system into your help desk.

What is conversational ticketing?

Conversational ticketing streamlines support by moving the typical ticketing workflow into a messaging system like Microsoft Teams, allowing employees and agents to create, manage, and comment on tickets seamlessly.

It’s called conversational ticketing because opening a ticket is as simple as having a conversation, or sending a message, in the app where teams are already collaborating in today’s remote-first workplace.

Instead of hunting down a help desk portal that's somewhere outside of employees’ normal workflow or IT teams working in a black box in the proverbial basement, in the dark reaches of the organization, conversational brings support into the daylight and integrates the help desk with day-to-day business operations. Since technology is the heartbeat that makes flexible work, well, work, bringing support to the forefront makes a lot of sense.

Why conversational ticketing?

Work happens in messaging tools 

The use of messaging apps has skyrocketed as entire organizations embraced remote, hybrid, and flexible work. In fact, MS teams grew by 70+ million daily active users since last year. Without a consistent in-person office experience, messaging apps are where employees collaborate and communicate with their peers in real time. With conversational ticketing, it’s also where they can get help from IT without interrupting their workflow.


Employees can create a ticket by sending a message.

Employees get help seamlessly

Employees simply submit their issue in the messaging app as easily as starting a chat with any coworker. They can review, comment, and see status updates on their tickets right from MS Teams.

Less jumping around

By integrating support into your messaging app, agents and employees have one platform to go to without toggling between tools. And support agents really don’t need yet more tools to juggle.


Agents can select the tools they need to solve issues in a single conversation.

Solve where you ticket

When conversational ticketing is paired with remote support capabilities, agents can handle issues from start to solved in a single conversation. They receive notifications in the messaging system when a ticket is opened. They can view, comment, and close tickets from the messaging tool. And they can start a remote session right from MS Teams to solve issues at once.

Not just for IT

Other teams that need to field questions and requests can benefit from conversational ticketing too, like facilities, finance, and HR. If they deal with a queue, they can bring the request experience into the company’s messaging app to make that process easier for everyone.

Wow — conversational ticketing!

Flexible work has changed where and how work gets done. Conversational ticketing is fast, personal, and easy—and it makes getting support feel less like a hassle.



GoTo Resolve’s conversational ticketing brings the power of an entire ticket management system into Microsoft Teams so you can streamline support by helping employees where they’re already working.

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