GoTo’s New Individual Rights Management Portal Now Available: Your One-Stop Shop for All Privacy and Security Requests


At GoTo we understand that time is a valuable commodity for our hardworking customers. When there is a question or concern, especially when it comes to privacy or security, our customers deserve an easy-to-use experience that builds trust, improves transparency, and increases overall satisfaction. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our new Individual Rights Management (or “IRM”) portal, powered by TrustArc, that empowers our customers by providing them the ability to quickly submit common privacy and security related questions and receive instant answers or resources to find a solution! For all other privacy and security-related requests, including exercising certain privacy rights like data subject access requests, the IRM portal will guide users through a submission process for efficient, secure, and streamlined service.

What is the Individual Rights Management (IRM) Portal?

The IRM portal is GoTo's customer destination for inquiring about any privacy and security practices, as well as exercising data protection rights; including data subject-based requests such as data erasure, export, and portability, among other protection rights. The IRM optimizes customers' experience by providing immediate responses to frequently asked questions related to privacy and security at GoTo and helps our customers exercise important privacy rights in an efficient manner. By creating a simple-to-use interface, the IRM portal streamlines the request process, saving time and cycles for our customers.

How Does the Individual Rights Management Portal Work?

Upon visiting the IRM portal, our customers will complete a short, dynamic workflow to clarify their submission request. The portal will then provide instant answers (or point customers to where they can find the answer) to many common privacy and security requests.

If the portal does not have a solution to the request or when customers need to exercise data subject-based or other privacy rights, a case will be generated for one of our knowledgeable Support team or privacy team representatives who will quickly reach out to the customer and aim to provide a trustworthy, prompt, and responsive solution. As the IRM portal continues to develop, more automated answers will be added to the portal, providing faster and more efficient customer support.

What Kind of Requests Are Automated Through the IRM?

This new tool provides our customers with a centralized resource across our products to quickly receive automated responses to the following types of requests:

  • Data storage/hosting location information
  • Sub-processor information
  • Review/execute a Data Processing Addendum (DPA)
  • Information about GoTo's technical and organizational measures
  • Categories and types of data stored and/or processed by GoTo
  • Data retention/deletion information
  • Review GoTo policies and procedures about data protection
  • Subscribe to product uptime/status updates

What Kind of Requests Are Handled via Case Creation Through the IRM?

The following requests will still be routed via IRM submission to our Customer Support and Privacy teams:

  • Access, export, delete, or correct data we store for customers
  • Report a security-based product issue or observation
  • Security information about your service

We’re proud to introduce the new IRM tool as the latest example of GoTo’s ongoing commitment to continuously improving the privacy, security, and efficient and responsible management of our customers’ data.

For more information check out the new Individual Rights Management Portal today!