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The world of work is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and collaboration has emerged as a driving force behind innovation, productivity, and success. Recently, Mathew Philip, Senior Director and Global Head of GSI Business at GoTo was a guest of HCLTech Digital Workplace podcast on an episode discussing the transformative power of collaboration in shaping the future of work, the challenges faced by enterprises in this area, and recent trends in collaboration technology.

Here's some of the key takeaways from the episode.

Challenges in the Age of Hybrid Work

With many businesses continuing to operate in remote or hybrid work models, it’s important that all employees feel connected. Connected to one another, to their company’s leadership, and to their IT providers for support when an issue arises. Businesses are still grappling with a host of challenges that have been highlighted by hybrid work models.

Three key ones are:

  1. IT Burden and Remote Work
    Our GoTo IT Priorities and Trend Report shows that IT teams and providers have faced more work and increasing pressure as remote and hybrid work becomes more prevalent.

    To address this, businesses need a tool that can help IT teams quickly and effectively troubleshoot to minimise infrastructure and network issues and connect with end users when problems arise. Products like Rescue allow IT administrators to troubleshoot issues, visualize problems, and communicate with employees effectively.
  2. Productivity in Dispersed Workforces
    Collaboration technology is evolving rapidly, driven by the demand for a more productive workforce. In a remote or hybrid work environment, technical challenges can hinder your daily work and interrupt collaboration between employees. These technical challenges can translate to missed revenue opportunities and escalating costs, due to inefficiencies in business operations and processes. GoTo developed a suite of IT management, support, collaboration, and communication tools tailored for remote and hybrid workers. These tools enable seamless productivity and help businesses overcome the challenges of dispersed workforces, and are tools used internally at GoTo as well to help sustain connectivity.

  3. Minimizing Cybersecurity Threats:
    The rise of cyber threats and platform misuse is a pressing issue in the SaaS industry and has put cybersecurity and data protection at the forefront of every company's mind. According to a recent report by Forrester, in 2022 more than 1.2 billion customers/citizens were exposed in just the top 35 global breaches. To mitigate these risks, GoTo has implemented cutting-edge technologies and security measures such as zero-trust access, multifactor authentication, granular privileges and permissions and encryption, ensuring maximum protection for users.


Unveiling Collaboration Trends and Immersive Solutions

Collaboration technology is rapidly evolving, and businesses are adapting to stay ahead. Businesses preparing to grow into new markets, create a sustainable business structure, or defend their home turf from competitors will require advancements in technology, culture, and strategy. The following priorities are at the forefront for many IT leaders:

  • Increasing operational efficiency: As businesses expand, operations become more complex. As a result, productivity becomes a key issue. Digital technologies create efficiencies that drive additional levels of operational productivity, improving the bottom line, and giving you extra time to spend on more important tasks.
  • Reduce costs: Adopting cost-effective all-in-one IT solution that offers greater mobility and flexibility in work whilst also ensuring robust security against cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Shift to cloud: Cloud adoption is happening as both a technology and a business transformation strategy. With a strong shift towards digitization, cloud offers enhanced resilience across all layers of the technology stack – Software, Applications, Platforms, Infrastructure, and Services.
  • Focus on employee experience: Employees are the backbone of any business, and managing and developing performance is the most critical task of any business. SMBs that want to give their business the competitive edge see value in investing in a better employee engagement solution.

To meet these trends head-on, GoTo is continually innovating to make collaboration more immersive and seamless - aligning technology with business priorities.

By integrating Rescue, its enterprise grade remote support tool with with Google Translate, IT teams can cost-effectively provide real-time multilingual support, enhance the user experience across languages and open up new opportunities for businesses. GoTo’s integration with ChatGPT aims to streamline customer engagement through natural, human-like responses. And, with Rescue Live Lens agents can remotely view an iPhone, Android, or Windows camera to see and solve issues through a live video feed  annotations, and VOIP audio. 


Powerful Partnerships: GoTo and HCLTech

One of the highlights of our journey is our strategic partnership with HCLTech. Over the past five years, we've collaborated to provide businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace. HCLTech has successfully integrated our collaboration and IT support tools, contributing to their mission of creating a hyper-adaptive, resilient workplace. Together, we're fostering productivity, innovation, and seamless customer experiences on a global scale.


Embracing the Future

As we embrace the future of work, collaboration remains a cornerstone of success. GoTo’s IT Priorities 2023 survey reported that a hybrid work model remains the gold standard for companies today. A dispersed workforce needs digital tools that can help them connect better internally as well as with external parties.

GoTo is dedicated to empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, enhance productivity, and foster innovation. With over two decades of experience in remote solutions, this expertise underpins the foundations of our platforms - prioritizing user experience, security, privacy, and compliance. Our dedication to reliability, stability, and exceptional administration experiences sets us apart from the competition. Plus, having successful partnerships, like the one with HCLTech, further amplify our abilities. These collaborations drive digital transformation, enabling us to help enterprises to thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.


Check out the full HCLTech Digital Workplace Podcast below.

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