3 Ways Hosted VoIP Can Support Outsourcing Business Functions


For many businesses, outsourcing certain business functions are driven by a need to be more cost efficient. In fact, according to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey in 2016, the most common reason companies are outsourcing business functions is because they see it as a cost-cutting tool.

Outsourcing’s benefits, though, go beyond cost-savings. Transferring specific business capabilities to an external team can help improve overall processes in your company. It gives businesses an opportunity to expand their talent pool across a global scale. It also provides internal teams more time to focus on key operational functions.

However, that’s not to say outsourcing business functions doesn’t come with its own set of potential challenges. For example, managing and tracking the productivity of geographically dispersed teams is a primary concern. Maintaining consistent communication between team members can also be very difficult. This is where Hosted VoIP comes in.

Here are some of the ways Hosted VoIP can support outsourcing business functions.

#1. Expand and simplify recruitment opportunities

Any business outsourcing business operations inevitably has to deal with additional costs due to travel expenses. While they see a lot of savings in terms of employee salaries and overhead operational costs, travel costs for recruitment, training, and supplementary negotiations or meetings ultimately add up.

Hosted VoIP’s robust communication features can simplify the entire process and reduce, if not completely eliminate, the need to travel to physically meet with your outsourced supplier or employee. Training and meetings can now be accomplished online via video chat or voice calls with the peace of mind that you’re not racking up expensive long distance bills.

#2. Increase customer service capabilities

A lot of businesses leverage on the core features of Hosted VoIP as a way to boost their in-house customer service team’s capabilities.

Hosted VoIP allows businesses to run their customer service operations round-the-clock given its advanced set of calling and messaging features such as auto attendants and CRM (customer relationship management) software integrations.

#3. Minimize communication cost

This is a prime example of how Hosted VoIP perfectly complements outsourcing business functions

When you have a geographically dispersed team, two of the biggest challenges that companies face is maintaining consistent communication, and the expenses associated with it. These two main pain points of outsourcing adoption can be easily addressed with Hosted VoIP.

Because it runs on the cloud, Hosted VoIP is a reliable communication solution that’s accessible to anyone in the team, regardless of their location. Most providers also offer a simple per seat pricing that makes it very easy and simple to add new team members who will then have access to tools that facilitate seamless communication and allows them to stay in touch in real-time.

As a business owner, you should always try to find efficient ways to empower communication and productivity within your team. To that end, outsourcing business functions in your company means dedicating more time to actually running your business. Hosted VoIP makes the tedious task of tracking, monitoring, and managing a global team easier.

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