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According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends report, 19 billion text messages are sent every single day, making it one of the most popular forms of communication in the world. If people are sharing information through text message in their personal lives, why shouldn’t they be able to for work as well? At LogMeIn, strive to build solutions that make collaboration and communication easy, fast and reliable for our customers. The recently launched GoToMeeting Messenger mobile app is here to pair the convenience of text messaging with business productivity. It enables colleagues, partners and customers around the world to continue their conversations outside of the traditional meeting environment, no matter where they are or what device they’re on.  Let’s take a look at how the new app works!

Chat 1:1 With Anyone, Anytime

With the tap of a button, users can send an instant chat message or share files securely. By simply searching for a fellow employee in the directory you can start a new conversation at any time. It doesn’t matter if the user is on desktop, iOS or Android device, they can receive your message and reply instantly.

But your conversations aren’t limited to colleagues only! One great benefit to the GoToMeeting Messenger app is that users can send a message to anyone. If you just type in someone’s email address, they’ll be invited to open up the free version of GoToMeeting and can begin communicating right away. This means you can open up a new line of communication with external vendors, partners and customers you may be working with.

Move from a Group Chat to a Mobile Meeting

While collaborating with one person is great, we know that most meetings are more than a 1:1. With GoToMeeting Messenger you can start a conversation with a group of people to keep the momentum going after the meeting ends. Simply invite your last meeting to a group chat and get talking!

If a text conversation requires some more in-depth discussion (as they often do), our messenger app plays nicely with our GoToMeeting mobile app. Anybody can turn the group chat into a meeting with one tap. Clicking the video button in the top corner will send a meeting invitation to everyone and the conversation will move seamlessly to the GoToMeeting mobile app for audio, video, and screen sharing.

Collaboration Across Multiple Devices

The best part is, all of our apps are built to work cross-platform between the desktop and mobile versions. The mobile app for messenger is synced with the messenger app on your desktop, so conversations you start on your phone will carry over to your computer. And the meeting attendees don’t need to be all on mobile, or all on desktop, to be able to connect. So you can start a chat from your messenger desktop application, add someone who’s on mobile, then start up a GoToMeeting with everyone in that group!

Both the GoToMeeting & GoToMeeting Messenger applications are available on the Apple and Google Play stores and are compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets. Download these great new mobile apps today to make working from the road easier and more efficient than ever! Here are some quick links to download our mobile applications, for iOS or Android!

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