The Zoho CRM integration with GoTo Connect helps businesses provide a better customer experience for inbound and outbound phone calls.

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  • Sales and Marketing

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The Zoho CRM integration with GoToConnect helps businesses provide a better customer experience for inbound and outbound phone calls. By utilizing the integration, support and sales teams gain access to simplified call-activity management within Zoho CRM. Teams benefit by utilizing the caller notification screen pops, click-to-call dialling, and automatic call logging that enhances the customer experience through well-managed conversations.

Key Features:
- Control and update your system in real time from any internet-enabled device using GoTo Connect's online portal. GoTo Connect's visual Dial Plan Editor is a life-changing way to set up your phone system.

- GoTo Connect Voice offers over 80 Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications features to help your organization communicate better.

- Transform your mobile devices into an extension of your office phones or into standalone cloud phones

How It Works

The Zoho CRM integration with GoTo Connect Voice helps businesses manage all the inbound and outbound phone calls within your CRM account. Simplify all the call-activity management features within Zoho CRM using this integration. You can get call notification screen pop-ups, click-to call dialing, and automatic call logging with GoToConnect integration for Zoho CRM.

Unified Zoho

Zoho's plan is to collect their separate applications under one integration, Unified Zoho. For this they have developed a more stable interface that will with time support all our integrations. At the moment it only contains Zoho CRM. To start using GoTo Connect with Zoho CRM you need to link with the Unified Zoho integration. Our older Zoho CRM integration is still visible in your GoTo Connect client's integrations tab, but please be aware that will stop functioning and will be deprecated at the beginning of December 2020.

Setup integration

1. Go to Setup > Channels > Telephony.

2. Choose Jive from the PhoneBridge Marketplace.

3. Click Integrate.

4. Click Get it now, in the Jive Communications page.

For configuration steps, click here.


Using Jive integration 

Using Jive Voice inside your Zoho CRM, you can do the following:

· Single click dialing - initiate a call to an existing number right inside Zoho CRM in a single click.

· Screen pop-ups - View the business card details of the contact while receiving calls inside Zoho CRM.

· Automatic call logging.

· Perform any follow-up activities, such as tasks and events as required. Click here for more details.