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Case Study: Wild Apricot


Wild Apricot is dedicated to equipping their audience with free educational content – in fact, it’s a pillar of their business model. As a provider of membership management software to clubs, associations and nonprofits, they’re hyper-focused on driving business growth through brand awareness and educating their existing customers on how to increase loyalty and retention.

But how do you make it work when your customer base is spread around the world? “With an international audience, it’s often challenging to engage with hundreds of people,” said Sonia Khosla, Marketing Programs Manager at Wild Apricot. What they needed was a way to introduce valuable content and schedule events that would be easily accessible for everyone, regardless of time zones.

Wild Apricot is an all-in-one membership management software serving professional, business and trade associations, clubs and nonprofit organizations. Their cloud-based solution makes it easy to manage memberships, websites, events and more.

“GoToWebinar is the best webinar software tool I’ve used so far! It is a dependable, quality tool that helps us effectively engage with our audience to highlight the educational content we provide.”


-Sonia Khosla

Marketing Programs Manager

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