4 Ways Hosted VoIP Enables Workplace Collaboration


Given Hosted VoIP’s cost efficiency and easy implementation, it’s not surprising why growth-driven companies are increasingly incorporating the platform into their day-to-day operations. Specifically, Hosted VoIP supports an impressive range of tools and functionalities that fosters collaboration between employees. 

1. Provides 24/7 accessibility

24/7 accessibility is one of the most attractive features of Hosted VoIP. It supports real-time communication that makes it easier to coordinate with colleagues, regardless of whether you are in the office or out in the field. As long as you have access to a reliable Internet connection, you can collaborate seamlessly with your teammates and get the job done effectively. This makes it easier for people to coordinate when working remotely—even after business hours.

If you have partners working in different time zones, this also means that they can communicate easily with you anytime. All they basically need is a mobile device and a quality internet connection. This technology allows teams to resolve issues faster instead of solely relying on email. Hosted VoIP calls are cost-effective and just as reliable as traditional landlines. In fact, small businesses have reported that VoIP can lower the cost of their local calls by nearly 40 percent.

2. Increases workplace flexibility

Hosted VoIP makes telecommuting a more viable option for team members. It also offers additional communication and collaboration options for client and customer services, thanks to features like point-to-point and multipoint virtual meetings and video collaboration. All of these advantages of Hosted VoIP’s gives employees more flexibility. And flexibility might just be what you need to reinvigorate creativity and collaboration.

Flexibility—in location and hours—allows people to connect outside of traditional workplace environment. This is a good thing because the physical workplace can stifle and impede collaboration. (Maybe it’s all those greige walls).  By connecting with someone that’s working from home or Starbucks, it adds variety. It can make people seem more human and open to sharing and exchanging ideas. It can set a tone that is more relaxed so people feel more comfortable engaging with fellow employees. 

3. Easily integrates with existing tools and applications

One of the greatest barriers to adopting Hosted VoIP is an employee’s resistance to learning new tools and technology. But Hosted VoIP easily integrates with existing tools that your company already uses. Jive’s mobile app for example, is built to treat VoIP phone calls like they’re native to your cellphone. This means you don’t have to click into the app to answer a call. Your smartphone will ring like any regular phone call you receive via your mobile number. These kinds of integrations make it easy for employees to adopt Hosted VoIP technology into their work life. 

Hosted VoIP can also incorporate existing communication and collaboration platforms already being used by the business, thus allowing everything, from internal operations to client servicing, to be streamlined into a single platform.

4. Offers easy and reliable communication options

Imagine if everyone in your company could access a dynamic set of communication tools. More than just voice communications, Hosted VoIP supports additional features that can improve business communication.

Jive’s solutions, for example, can replace traditional phone equipment with cloud hosted PBX that allows your desk and smartphone to work together seamlessly. This allows users to manage communications from their web browsers and a mobile app, making it so much easier for clients to get in touch with your company. This kind of technology enables you to turn any location into a workplace and even bring down current expenses. Hosted VoIP Buyer's Guide Banner 

Traditional phone systems suffer from a lot of limitations when it comes to workplace collaboration. The advantages of adopting technology to improve your business, specifically Hosted VoIP, fosters a more collaborative environment for organizations, both inside and outside the office.

With Hosted VoIP, companies now have the option to leverage mobile, wireless, and Internet technology to support the modern needs of today’s businesses. Take advantage of the flexibility and collaboration that Hosted VoIP can provide by contacting us today.