GoTo Boosts Portfolio with New AI Innovations and 60+ Product Enhancements

GoTo Boosts Portfolio with New AI Innovations and 60+ Product Enhancements

GoTo significantly enhances overall experience and productivity for businesses and employees with new AI assistants, real-time translation tools, enterprise application integrations, and more

GoTo, the company making IT management, support, and business communications easy, today unveiled significant enhancements to its solutions with the introduction of AI innovations and more than 60 new offerings, capabilities, and features throughout its portfolio. These newest innovations and offerings further establish GoTo as an essential partner that helps businesses boost productivity and deliver an exceptional customer and employee experience.

“GoTo prides itself on creating innovative solutions to real-world problems. We’re thrilled to again deliver on our promise of making IT and business communications effortless and exceptional with the announcement of new cutting-edge AI innovations and more than 60 new capabilities,” says Olga Lagunova, Chief Product and Technology Officer, GoTo. “These significant enhancements empower businesses and employees to excel with new AI-powered features, build customer trust, create advocates, and enhance team performance.”

Among the many new capabilities introduced today are a breadth of AI-powered innovations and offerings that deliver new intelligence, insights, and automation for businesses of any size. Building on the recently announced GoPilot for GoTo Resolve, GoTo’s product teams and AI Center Of Excellence continue to harness the power of generative AI and large language models to transform how businesses engage, empower, and support their customers and employees.

GoTo’s newest AI-powered offerings and capabilities include:

  • AI screen translation: AI Screen Translation, a cutting-edge tool within LogMeIn Rescue, instantly detects and translates text on the user’s screen into the agent’s preferred language, allowing agents to support users worldwide and lowering support costs while improving the support experience.
  • Admin GoPilot: Built directly into the GoTo Connect interface, GoPilot Admin effortlessly finds answers to set up queries, support resources, and demo videos, making IT teams’ decision-making more informed and streamlining operations.
  • AI optimization add-on: GoTo Contact Center’s AI optimization add-on improves agent productivity with AI-generated interaction summaries, empowers supervisors to take action on calls in real-time, and informs contact center leaders with actionable insights into customer sentiment and trending topics.
  • Post-meeting summaries supercharged by AI: AI Meeting Summary provides concise meeting overviews for GoTo Meeting, delivered with actionable next steps, freeing up the hosts to focus on post-meeting productivity.

In addition to its new AI innovations, GoTo released over 60 new features that enhance the customer and IT experience by equipping teams with smarter tools to increase productivity and deliver more value. These include:

  • Attendant Console: Attendant Console for GoTo Connect provides a centralized interface that displays caller ID, call status, call queues and offers features like call hold, forwarding, parking, and directory services, enabling operators managing high volumes of calls to effectively route customers to the right individuals and departments.
  • Intelligent chat assistant: An automated conversational chat assistant within GoTo Contact Center designed to engage customers through interactive, predefined conversational flows.
  • New integrations: Effortlessly integrate call information, SMS, voicemail data, and contacts from GoTo Connect directly with customer relationship management tools, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho. Additionally, integrations with Microsoft Teams have been enhanced for GoTo Connect, empowering user-friendly admin controls and top-rated support, and within Rescue, allowing agents to create, start, and share support sessions with end users directly within Teams.
  • Native support of Intel vPro-based devices within Rescue: New exclusive, native integration with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA) where agents can remotely access out-of-band Intel vPro enabled devices using the same workflow and interface used for regular Rescue sessions without juggling multiple logins.
  • A contact center offering for mid-market and enterprise-sized businesses: GoTo’s Contact Center, with unbeatable ease of use and value, is now available to larger customers with GoTo Contact Center Pro, unlocking exceptional customer experiences with omnichannel capabilities, new workflow integrations, and advanced customer and agent analytics.
  • Self-healing alerts: Spot and fix problems with self-healing alerts for GoTo Resolve, a vigilant support feature that identifies potential problems and fixes them autonomously, resolving detected issues without human intervention.
  • Custom script alerts: Build personalized device alert types within GoTo Resolve and configure thresholds to stay up-to-date on what is most important to keep your fleet running.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics package: New reporting and analytics options for GoTo Connect bring the complete customer journey and understanding of interactions in one intuitive dashboard.

Product updates that help our Partners succeed

The Partner Network is pivotal to the success of GoTo, and smart product development is crucial for our Partners to grow their business and retain their customers. The updates and features in this release not only reflect market trends and AI advances, but many solutions are a result of what our Partners' customers are suggesting and requesting that will make their IT and business communication easier. Partners give a unique insight into many verticals within the marketplace that demonstrate how a product can be utilized successfully in many industries such as automotive dealerships, educational institutions, financial institutions, law offices, and more. For the full details on this announcement and our new capabilities, join the GoTo Partner Network on Tuesday, April 9 at 1pm EST for a live webinar showcasing how GoTo is making IT and business communications effortless for your customers. Register Here

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GoTo makes IT and business communications easy, so its customers can do what matters most. Featuring flagship products GoTo Resolve, GoTo Connect, and LogMeIn Rescue, the GoTo portfolio helps securely support and connect businesses to what’s most important: their teams and customers. For over 20 years the company has been dedicated to robust security, including zero trust authentication, and powers more than 1 billion remote support sessions and 1 million customers with easy-to-use, built-for-IT solutions that save businesses time and money. With $1 billion in annual revenue, the remote-centric company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with roughly 3,000 GoGetters across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

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