GoTo Introduces GoPilot for GoTo Resolve, the First AI Assistant for End-to-End IT Management and Support



New intelligent assistant makes GoTo Resolve’s already easy workflows effortless with AI features to diagnose, remediate, and prevent IT issues


GoTo, the company making IT management, support, and business communications easy, today announced GoPilot, its new AI assistant for GoTo Resolve. GoPilot changes how IT professionals manage and support their fleet of devices, giving them an intelligent, interactive assistant that provides a comprehensive view of their endpoints, automates diagnostics, guides users through resolutions, and learns as it goes to get ahead of potential future disruptions.


GoPilot utilizes OpenAI’s API platform and a GoTo-owned AI stack to provide a first-of-its-kind AI assistant that operates across the end-to-end flow of IT management and support. The assistant revolutionizes how IT conducts daily operations, eliminating time-consuming tasks such as manually scanning system diagnostics screens and patch updates to identify issues, and frees up resources for higher-value projects. GoPilot also leverages simple, conversational language prompts and commands, making interactions easier and allowing agents at all levels to solve complex problems without needing to know a library of commands.


GoPilot will serve as IT professionals’ always-on assistant for detecting, remediating, and preventing endpoint issues. The AI-powered assistant uses a combination of data, text, and visual processing models to transform the traditional IT support and management process, with benefits enabling teams to:

  • Streamline device diagnostics: Automated collection and analysis of data across all network devices, including resource utilization and update status, provides comprehensive device diagnostics with real-time assessment of inefficiencies or risks.
  • Remove language barriers to support global teams: Live AI-powered translations of languages displayed on the end user screen allow agents to better communicate and speed up time to resolution.
  • Eliminate note-taking and session recaps: With automatic screenshot capturing and analysis in the background of support sessions, agents can focus on providing support while GoPilot generates live notes and summarizes actions taken.
  • Simplify patch management: GoPilot can automatically identify missing updates and link to the appropriate solution page with flagged devices and updates preselected, so agents simply need to click “install” to quickly patch all devices.
  • Easily create and deploy new policies:  Coming soon, agents will have the ability to create additional automation capabilities with GoPilot to automatically scan for, detect, and resolve issues, preventing future risks and freeing up more time for IT teams.



“GoPilot is the latest addition to GoTo Resolve’s AI features that have already enhanced the agent and end-user experience with time-saving tools such as AI script creation and self-service resolution recommendations. With GoPilot, we’re giving IT teams more time and resources to focus on the tasks that truly matter – like scaling and securing their business and supporting their employees,” said Olga Lagunova, Chief Product and Technology Officer at GoTo. “We’re extremely excited to introduce the market’s first end-to-end IT management and support AI assistant to GoTo Resolve customers, and to introduce even more AI innovations across GoTo’s solutions in the coming months.”

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