Webinars Reinvented: Introducing the All-New GoToWebinar - GoToWebinar


Listen up webinar fans, GoToWebinar is reinventing the webinar.

Our mission is to unlock your creativity, passion, and brilliance every time you host a webinar. And it starts with better technology that’s not only reliable but super simple to use.

With our customers’ feedback at the heart of our efforts, we’ve redesigned GoToWebinar to make it easier (and more fun!) to get in front of an audience and share your story, pass on your expertise, and make a personal connection.

A few of the most important updates include:

  • Simplified workflow so planning events takes less time
  • Analytics dashboard providing actionable insights at a glance
  • New integrations giving you the data and control where you need it
  • More options for your personal webinar hub

And don’t think we’re stopping there. We are constantly listening to our customers and are always adding and refining GoToWebinar’s features to meet your needs. Here’s to webinars you and your audience love!

Webinars reinvented with the all-new GoToWebinar