Webinar: Combine Your Tools and Cut Costs!


It’s been an exciting time for the GoTo team as we’ve been releasing new products, new websites, and new offerings! But amidst the GoTo go-go-go, it’s important to take a pause and make sure we’ve given some well-deserved attention to what will really impact our customers the most!

I’m here to share a recent webinar the team hosted that provides a foolproof way for our customers to cut costs right away. Our customers who attended the webinar were really excited to learn more, and reap the benefits of these recent releases!

Effective communication is the backbone of any great business, but when you have too many separate providers things can quickly get out of hand. More and more IT buyers are switching to cloud-based, all-inclusive bundles to streamline communications and see dramatic savings. Our customers can do the same leveraging our GoTo suite of products.

On this webinar, our VP of Product Mike Sharp and VP of Marketing Jim Somers will walk you through:

  • How you can save big by unifying your communications with GoTo
  • The cloud-based benefits of consolidating communication vendors
  • Why you should bundle GoToMeeting and Jive, our business VoIP phone system
  • How easy it is to transition your legacy phone systems to Jive

Check out the on demand webinar to learn how you can start cutting costs for your business - or share with your IT team to quickly become the office hero!

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