The Evolution of Video Conferencing Technology


It's hard to recall a time without the ability to connect face-to-face with someone thousands of miles away in just the click of a button. In the latter half of this century we went from a time where the term “video call” didn’t even exist, to it now being a staple in our daily lives. 

After all, we use video conferencing technology for everything from remote team meetings, webinars and client check-ins, to doctor visits, live videos on social media, and staying connected with family and friends. It’s such a natural way of communicating that many of us have probably video chatted with a friend or family member from the grocery store, mall, airport. You name the location, and someone's made a video call from there!

But it all had to start somewhere. We wouldn’t have products like GoTo MeetingGoTo Room or any of today's cutting-edge collaboration technology without the innovations of the past. So we spent some time going back to our roots and researching the last century of communication and collaboration technologies to reflect on how far we've come and where we're headed. 

We decided to test some of our esteemed GoTo colleagues on their video conferencing history. Is the millennial generation hip to where video conferencing evolved technology came from? Watch and see, and test your own knowledge by playing along!

For a more complete history and evolution of video conferencing technology, check out our infographic below!