Now Live: GoToMeeting on Portal for Facebook! - GotoMeeting


Recently, we revealed that GoToMeeting would soon be coming to Portal from Facebook. We’re pleased to announce that work has been completed and GoToMeeting is officially available for download on the Portal app store. 

Portal devices are being used in homes around the world to connect seamlessly with one another in an increasingly remote environment. By teaming up with Facebook to pair GoToMeeting with Portal, we’ve enabled aintuitive highquality video experience on flexible home devices; backed by the same reliabilitysecurity and privacy that comes standard with our GoToMeeting for Android OS application.  

Portal devices are being setup in more living rooms, kitchens and home offices every day and while the number of users continue to grow, so to do the ways that customers can use GoToMeeting on Portal to better connect: 

  • Work meetings. GoToMeeting is built for business, and our mission is to continue to enable customers to meet the way they want on the devices they use most. With GoToMeeting on Portal, customers can host/join sessions with up to 250 people, share webcams and view other attendee screens to get work done. 
  • Joining classes. Students are participating in hybrid and remote learning due to COVID-19 and need flexibility in the way they attend classes every day. By joining a class from a Portal device, an additional screen is added, freeing up their computer / tablet for note taking and other important tasks while the teacher is instructing.
  • Doctor appointments. Healthcare is turning to online video conferencing to help keep patients safe by offering virtual appointments. GoToMeeting is HIPAA ready and we’ve continued to see more healthcare providers turn to GoTo for their on-demand visitation needs. Now patients can utilize their user friendly Portal device to join doctor appointments from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Connecting with family and friends. While GoToMeeting is traditionally used as a business application, customers are now using our solutions to catch up and share a laugh with family/friends since travel is limited and safety is a top concern. Now families can all sit around the table and converse as a group through their Portal device. 

All of these use cases, and so many more are enhanced as Portal combines an AI-powered Smart Camera and Smart Sound, enabling people to build stronger relationships, and feel more engaged in their daily interactions. 

Getting started is easy. Simply download the GoToMeeting app from the Portal from Facebook store for your Portal Mini, Portal, or Portal+ devices and you’ll be enjoying engaging video meetings in no time.