New and Improved GoTo Admin!


If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that remarkable IT teams make our lives easier. Over the past year and a half, they have been behind the scenes transitioning us to fully remote work — literally overnight — and are now setting us up for long term flexible work. It’s a lot. Which is why we are so excited to unveil a brand-new system, tailor-made to streamline the admin system for GoTo products.

Today our new admin center will give IT better visibility, simplicity, and customization, while adding new features — like the system health dashboard for GoToConnect, giving the ability to preemptively address issues. The new admin system will also serve as the foundation for additional GoTo products to be added over time, continuing to unify the experience from both an end-user and administrative standpoint. All new GoTo customers and partners will have access to the new admin center, while existing customers will have the option to switch to the new admin experience at no additional cost.

New features for the GoTo admin will include:

  • System Health Dashboard: Admins can receive alerts on key metrics that impact the general experience of their users. The customizable alerts will allow admins to preemptively address issues such as audio quality and call volume, audio connection, audio delay, devices online/offline and more. The health dashboard includes a customizable threshold to trigger alerting, recipients, and preferred communication channels.
  • Bulk Actions: Through the bulk change wizard, admins will be able to bulk apply actions such as “add/remove from group,” “reassign meetings,” and “change settings” to multiple users at once.
  • Add Custom Roles: Admins can now assign custom roles or labels to a user to give them a pre-determined group of permissions. Admins can either assign these custom roles upon creation, or use bulk actions to apply these roles if the user already exists. 
  • New Settings Managed by Admins: Admins will now be able to manage new settings on their devices without the help of GoTo support teams.
  • User Groups: Account admins can create user groups (e.g., Sales, Marketing) and subgroups to better manage an account. User groups and subgroups can be used to quickly select multiple users at once to update settings or licenses in bulk or change individual settings.
  • Button Configuration: It is now possible to personalize the buttons on desk phones and attached sidecars. Depending on the model of the device, the appropriate number of buttons and button configurations are now editable by the admin. 
  • Paging: Admins can now create, edit, and delete paging profiles and paging realms in the GoTo Admin.

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