Meet Your New Meeting Co-Organizer, GoToConference! - GotoMeeting


The September launch of email integration for GoToConference made meeting scheduling easier than ever by connecting you to your Google, Office 365 or Exchange calendar service. Now we’ve streamlined your day even further with an easier way to start your meetings from a conference room!

Running late to your meeting room? Blanking on your password? The last thing you need is a required meeting login slowing you down to get your meeting up and running in the conference room. Now, when you schedule a meeting through any of our calendar integrations, the meeting room will automatically be added as a co-organizer in GoToMeeting. This creates a one-click meeting start directly from the conference room screen. With GoToConference as your co-organizer, you don’t need to start the meeting from your computer anymore, you can just click the ‘Start’ button!

There’s no sign-in or lengthy process required to get up and running. Just GoToMeeting doing what GoToMeeting does best – simplifying your day-to-day for more streamlined, productive meetings.

This update is one of the many features that make our conference room solutions both admin and user friendly. From huddle spaces to video conferencing rooms, GoToMeeting has the tools you need to connect and collaborate. Whether you need an out-of-the-box solution or you already have the device, speakers and hardware, we have you covered with GoToConference and InRoom Link!

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