Conference Room Solutions for the Modern Office

Simplify video conferencing in the conference room with GoToRoom and GoToMeeting.

Conference rooms vs. huddle rooms – what’s the difference?

Huddle rooms fall under the conference room category, but they’re usually smaller, enclosed spaces designed for brief meetings, brainstorms and other quick get-togethers. This newer style of conference room has become increasingly popular over the past few years, growing together with the demand for more open floorplans in offices.

Conference rooms are often workspaces designed with video conferencing in mind. The tables and seats are arranged around widescreen monitors, conference phones and high-quality webcams to accommodate remote workers. Many larger conference rooms also come equipped with telepresence equipment, but since most meetings at work involve only a handful of people, the intimacy of the huddle room is more ideal.

The best online meeting rooms include plug-and-play video conferencing solutions, easy for IT to set up and for employees to use. They make the online experience in the meeting room – as well as in-person conversations – more effective and collaborative.

The advantages of conference room solutions for businesses

Conference calls have long been a business favorite for good reason.

  • Equipped to connect

    Quality video conferencing platforms enables employees to interact face to face, no matter where they work. These remote connections are essential for building rapport and trust, and it’s why every online meeting room needs a full-featured room solution – whether that’s an all-in-one kit or a simple integration that adds online collaboration to existing devices.

  • Uncomplicated conferencing

    The vast array of conference room systems and capabilities also makes things tough for employees. You learn one system type only to stumble across another in a new conference room. Fortunately, modern online meeting rooms have been optimized to save time so that anyone can simply step in and get started – without instructions.

  • Out-of-the-box easy

    For IT admins looking to furnish new meeting rooms, the buying process for conference phones, conference cameras and room systems can be overwhelming. The sheer number of manufacturers, providers and protocols makes it hard to know what’s best, not to mention easy to install. Newer solutions remove steps by bundling pre-configured devices for a turnkey experience.

  • More productive meetings

    Today’s workforce relies on technology to collaborate, and today’s conference room systems offer the whole toolkit, including web conferencing, one-touch audio and video and real-time screen sharing. The result? Stronger communication, better outcomes and a real return on your investment.

Why choose GoToRoom?

GoToRoom is an out-of-the-box conference room solution for both small and medium-sized rooms. Backed by the stability and reliability of GoToMeeting, GoToRoom hits the gas on collaboration to ensure your meetings start fast and finish strong.
  • Simple

    Gone are the days of cobbling together make-shift meeting spaces. GoToRoom has everything you need in one simple kit. Just connect the video and speaker devices, turn them on and you're set.
  • Powerful

    Modernize your office with the latest video collaboration technology. GoToRoom bundles state-of-the-art hardware with professional video conferencing software that users love.
  • Affordable

    GoToRoom is offered in two cost-effective bundles, one for huddle spaces and another for larger conference rooms. Both options can save you thousands over the cost of your average conference room solutions.

Ready to go on day one

Once you’ve connected the hardware, GoToRoom is officially ready to use. Unlike other “out-of-the-box” solutions, the GoToRoom software is pre-configured beforehand. When GoToRoom connects to your network, it will automatically look for additional updates and start up. From there it’s as simple as using the touch screen options to join or start a meeting instantly.

Integrations for existing setups

Already have video conferencing equipment in your meeting rooms? Let GoToMeeting bridge distance and device with InRoom Link, our built-in integration for H.323 and SIP-enabled hardware. InRoom Link is compatible with popular hardware systems from Poly, Lifesize, Cisco and more, so all employees need to do is enter a simple number to join the same professional meeting experience.

High-quality video and screen sharing

Virtual collaboration in the conference room has never been easier – or more immersive. GoToRoom includes top-of-the-line conference cameras from Poly so remote participants can clearly see the whole group. And with real-time screen sharing powered by GoToMeeting, everyone can seamlessly present content from their own devices to get everyone on the same page.

All the conference room system features you could ask for

  • Attendee management

    Mute noisy co-workers, pass presenter controls and dismiss attendees with ease.
  • In-session chat

    Send messages to the whole meeting or to individual attendees.
  • Meeting lock

    Prevent unexpected (or early) attendees from joining your current session.
  • Local content sharing

    Quickly project your screen on the local display over Wi-Fi when in person.
  • Calendar integrations

    Connect your calendar to GoToRoom to show and start scheduled meetings in the room.
  • Cloud recording

    Capture the meeting for record keeping or review (GoToMeeting subscription required).

Watch how to set up a small conference room

View a quick demo of how easy it is to deploy the GoToRoom bundle for huddle spaces.


Conference Room Systems Frequently Asked Questions

The GoToRoom bundle includes both hardware costs and a subscription fee. Please contact a GoToRoom sales specialist to learn more.
In person, that depends on your room size. For the smaller GoToRoom option, we suggest up to six people, and for the larger option, up to 10. But when it comes to the online attendee count, the number is far greater. The attendee limit is 250 when you’re hosting from your GoToRoom account. If you’re using your GoToMeeting license, that number varies depending on your chosen plan.
You’ll need an HDMI display (with an HDMI cable), an Ethernet cord and power outlets to set up a GoToRoom kit. If you opt for the larger GoToRoom option, you’ll also need a powered Ethernet jack. If you do not have one or are unsure, we can help determine your needs and provide an optional adapter.
Connecting your calendar to GoToRoom is a two-step process. First off, you’ll need to authorize Cronofy Enterprise Connect, a third-party service that helps seamlessly integrate your Google or Office 365 calendar with GoToRoom. Then, in our Admin Center, you can add calendars to your desired rooms. That way, when attendees schedule a meeting and book a room, they can view their upcoming sessions directly from the in-room hardware!
Not at this time. GoToRoom is designed as an all-in-one hardware and software kit, so each piece works together. However, if you have your own hardware already, you can take advantage of InRoom Link for GoToMeeting Plus, which connects H.323 and SIP-supported devices with our online meeting service so participants in the video conference room can easily join a session with co-workers or customers anywhere.