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GoToRoom with Poly

The experience

GoToRoom with Poly solutions has been available for just over a year now, and as remote video conferencing has continued to grow, Poly continues to enable robust collaboration solutions in meeting spaces for customers around the world. In identifying the right room solution for your organization, it is imperative to take into consideration how simple it will be to implement, how easy it will be to manage, and how seamless it will be to use. GoToRoom with Poly checks all those boxes and does so at an affordable price tag.

The next generation is all-in-one


GoToRoom with Poly Studio X Series

Poly has just unveiled the groundbreaking all-in-one Studio X Series for huddle and conference rooms. The Studio X series makes it easier than ever before to outfit meeting spaces with a top of the line video conferencing solution by adding the necessary operating system to power high end audio and video components.

This latest release means that we’re excited to announce GoTo has expanded our portfolio of room solutions to work effortlessly with the Studio X Series by combining best in breed Poly hardware with GoToRoom software.

Huddle space or home office

GoToRoom with Poly Studio X30 is perfect for smaller meeting spaces designed for real time collaboration with 2-6 people. With no computer necessary to get up and running, a quick team standup can get underway in seconds, saving valuable time and reducing frustration. 

GoToRoom with Poly Studio X30 is also great for the home office space, as the compact hardware can sit on a desk or side table and dramatically enhances your audio and video performance.


Conference room

GoToRoom with Poly Studio X50 is ideal for meeting spaces built for 6-12 people. The X50 includes a more robust audio and video soundbar, guaranteeing that everyone in the room can be both seen and heard by remote attendees joining from around the globe.

With ultra crisp audio/video quality and the ability to wirelessly share content instantly, GoToRoom with Poly Studio X50 will boost productivity for the entire organization.


See what’s inside

Interested in learning more about GoToRoom with Poly? Contact us today for live demos or a take a quick look under the hood at the latest hardware tech specs.

Huddle X30
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Conference X50
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GoToRoom with Poly – Linux solutions

In 2019, GoTo teamed up with Poly to bring customers video conferencing enabled Huddle and Conference rooms to better power productivity within the workforce. These room solutions run on a familiar Linux based operating system and are equipped with audio/video features that ensure a great meeting experience every time. But, what takes this solution over the finish line is is the extremely affordable price tag that can help make video conferencing a reality while sticking to a tight budget.

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Set up without all the setup

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