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Let’s face it, it’s harder to gain and keep an audience’s attention than ever before. The world is becoming more visual, video is taking off, and if your content isn’t engaging, people will move on and find something more appealing somewhere else.

So how do you make your content more engaging? That’s where GoToWebinar and Prezi come in. Prezi, the visual communications company known for its zoomable presentation platform that is widely used in academia and business, today announced Prezi Video. Prezi Video places you and your content together on screen so you can stop worrying about maintaining a personal face-to-face connection with your audience while screen sharing your text and graphics. Combine that with GoToWebinar, and your webinars will wow your audience, ultimately keeping your audience focused and engaged from start to finish.

After all, communications tools should be built to put a person front-and-center, and Prezi Video has done just that for live and recorded videos. This is the first video product that puts a person on the screen alongside their visual content in real time. Make your next GoToWebinar stand out by easily repurposing an existing Prezi or PowerPoint presentation, choosing from Prezi’s library of images and templates, or starting your own template altogether.

How to Start Using GoToWebinar and Prezi

Webinars just got a lot more interesting! By connecting Prezi Video with GoToWebinar, you can start live streaming in a few simple clicks. You’ll just need to download and start both the Prezi Video desktop app and the GoToWebinar desktop app. For a detailed step-by-step guide, read Prezi’s “how to” page.

The Value of Using Prezi Video

Prezi’s existing presentation platform is unique in allowing its 100 million users to dynamically capture the relationships between ideas. Prezi Video easily integrates visual assets into the primary screen in the same way as a news broadcast, creating more impactful video communication and removing the need to switch to a separate screen to show visual references. It also creates a clearer connection between a person and their visual content, making it the perfect tool to use on a platform such as GoToWebinar. Prezi Video was created for individuals and customers in a wide range of industries — including business professionals and educators.

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For more information on Prezi and Prezi Video, read their blog post.