5 Ways Switching to Hosted VoIP Increases SME Growth


Hosted VoIP is playing a huge role in the growth of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). In fact, there’s a wealth of information available today that talks about just how instrumental this technology has been for SMEs.

Here are five reasons—with numbers and statistics—that illustrate why switching to Hosted VoIP increases SME growth.

#1. Small to medium enterprises prioritize scalability

At an increasingly accelerated pace, businesses grow, thin, and change their strategies frequently. That’s why, according to a study conducted by market research company Software Advise, 15 percent of respondents consider scalability as the primary consideration when evaluating and selecting a VoIP system.

That’s because a simple per-seat pricing plan, for example, makes it easy for smaller organizations to gain access to the multitude of features that Hosted VoIP systems offer. They can add more seats as their company grows, and scale back if they’re working with a leaner team. So literally, Hosted VoIP helps increase SME growth.

#2. There’s a huge focus on mobility

Forwarding business calls to your mobile is a priority given the rising adoption of mobile trends like BYOD (bring your own device) and work-from-home programs. That’s why twenty-one percent of respondents in the same study note that they are especially interested in Hosted VoIP’s mobility features.

For businesses with team members who are constantly on-the-go, the option to take business communications wherever they travel to is critical to productivity and SME growth. That’s why accessing mobilizing features at a transparent price appeals to businesses of all sizes.

#3. Cost-efficiency is a primary driver of adoption

Speaking about price, according to Tech.co, small businesses that switch to VoIP can reduce the cost of their local calls by as much as 40 percent and international calls by up to 90 percent.

However, that it’s not just small businesses that can benefit from the perks of Hosted VoIP. Dell, for instance, reported a savings of $39.5 million among its mobile workforce by telecommuting.

This universal cost-efficiency by switching to Hosted VoIP promotes SME growth. In fact, around 31 percent of all businesses, regardless of size, are shifting to VoIP systems due to its ability to boost productivity, and the cost-saving features.

#4. Hosted VoIP is poised to grow at an exponential rate

According to Juniper Research, mobile VoIP users alone already comprised 1 billion users towards the end of last year.

Future Market Insights (FMI) adds that by 2020, rising demand for affordable communication will see approximately 204.8 billion corporate Hosted VoIP subscribers by 2020. Continuous growth is also expected in the coming years due to Hosted VoIP’s cost-efficiency and improving network infrastructure.

The VoIP industry is clearly supporting the direction of today’s modern businesses. In fact, VoIP saw the highest adoption rates between 2008 to 2012, and has yet to show signs of slowing down. The statistics above illustrate the huge impact that communications technology is having on businesses, especially SMEs best positioned to take advantage of its cost efficiency and productivity features.

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