5 reasons to add a contact center to improve customer interactions



Thousands of GoTo Connect customers are using our phone, meeting, and messaging solution to communicate with their customers and prospects. You might have heard of cloud-based contact center technology, but maybe you’re not ready to pull the trigger on yet another tool.

We get it: You’ve heard that contact center tools can help out, but you’re not sure they’ll do enough good to justify investing your time and money in implementing them.

But we thought you ought to know why more GoTo Connect customers are adding our cloud-based Contact Center solution.

Before we get too carried away, let’s review the basics of contact center as a service (CCaaS). Hosted in the cloud, CCaaS puts all the features of a conventional call center in an application that runs on any internet-connected device. But it’s not just calls, like your typical call center. A contact center allows multi-channel communication so you can reach customers where they are via phone, chat, social media, and more. It’s a great way to give small businesses powerful communication features that used to be confined to large enterprises.

You don’t need to lease a building and staff it with call-center agents around the clock. Moreover, there’s no buying, installing, and configuring hardware to get CCaaS up and running. You license the application from your vendor for a low monthly fee.

With that out of the way, here’s a quick look at five ways that our Contact Center solution is making life better for customers:

1. Measurement: Tracking performance with analytics

GoTo Connect already helps you communicate via phone, meeting, and messaging every day — taking inbound calls and making outbound inquiries. But every conversation also generates data that can reveal what’s working and what’s failing. You can learn why people call, figure out which people do the best job of answering calls, and fine-tune your strategy to keep more customers happy. GoTo’s Contact Center solution provides analytics and data visualizations that give you real-time insights on the performance of people taking calls, replying to webchats, and sending SMS texts. It helps you reward top performers and identify people who need more guidance.

2. Service: Elevating customer experience with queue callback

“Please keep me on hold for 45 minutes,” said nobody ever. GoTo’s Contact Center solution reduces hold times with a popular feature called queue callback.

Contact Center manages calls by putting them in queues and assigning staff to answer calls. When the queue backs up with inbound calls, you can automatically give callers the option to receive a call back instead of waiting on hold. You can also customize the system to match calls to staffers best able to resolve their issues.

Queue callback stops wasting your customers’ time on hold and helps you balance the workload of your staff.

3. Multi-channel: Communicating wherever your customers are

Your salespeople might want to make a few calls after dinner to prospects in a different time zone. Your website could probably use a chat function to answer easy questions from potential customers. People taking customer calls should be able to jump on a videoconference and share their screens to help customers untangle difficult challenges.

Some people like texting. Others need a human voice. Contact Center lets you communicate with people on their preferred devices and formats. You also can integrate it into popular social media platforms.

Connecting with people where they are is the mantra of customer-experience experts everywhere. GoTo’s Contact Center solution gives you the tools to turn this principle into real-time benefits for your staff and your customers.

4. Growth: Accelerating and expanding outbound sales

Contact centers aren’t only about customer service. The simplest change can also drive impressive sales results. For example, Contact Center users can prerecord a voice message for prospects who don’t answer their phones. Instead of taking, say, 30 seconds to leave a voicemail manually, they spend less than a second clicking a button that sends their prerecorded voicemail automatically.

Imagine how many more calls your salespeople could make every day with this one feature. You can also import a csv file to streamline outbound calling. The system will automatically connect the next available agent with people from the list. Combining analytics with these features can do wonders for call volumes and sales.

5. Affordability: Adding a full CCaaS Suite for low monthly upgrade

Our competitors often sell CCaaS solutions for around $100 a month per seat. Our plans start at $30 per seat. Your fee will depend on your unique situation and the plan that fits your business.

Ready to give CCaaS a try?

The combination of analytics, outbound calling, queue callback, and multi-channel conversations makes it easy for business owners to get the best contact center tools at a reasonable rate. Indeed, you may be able to optimize Contact Center in ways that let you recapture the investment many times over.

Not everybody is a fit for a full-featured CCaaS solution. Services you don’t need are too expensive at any price (including free). But if conversations with customers and prospects are mission-critical to your business, it may be time to implement contact center tools.

And if you’re already a GoTo Connect customer, you’re in the best place to make it happen.

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