4 Reasons to Migrate from On-Prem Phone Solutions to Hosted VoIP & PBX


Some companies continue to hang onto their phone legacy systems. But, there are many reasons why it's time to update your customer and employee communications. Here's why you should switch away from your on-premise phone solution and try a hosted VoIP and PBX phone system.

1. More remote team members require a more advanced communications model.

Your workforce is no longer in one building or connected through landline phone services across multiple locations. Instead, your team works across the country or even the globe. They work remotely from their homes or co-working spaces.

That legacy business phone system often can't connect your remote workers to keep them as involved as a hosted PBX provider would. These old systems often don't have features that let customers seamlessly reach you. Hosted VoIP and cloud PBX delivers a communication model that lets your team members stay connected to team members and with customers whether they use a desk phone in the office or their cell phone.

Using a unified communications model as the basis for a cloud VoIP phone system lets everyone access a simple and reliable communications solution. Despite its simplicity, the PBX system is still comprehensive. It offers many ways for team members to connect, including web, audio, and video conferencing features.

2. Customers want better experiences, including response times and access.

Legacy telephone networks were not always made for consistent response and instant access. Instead, these archaic phone platforms most often leave customers frustrated. They often get busy signals, voicemail, or complicated phone menus, or other hassles.

With today's technology enabling quick responses through text messages and instant messaging apps, customers expect all companies to deliver this same speed. That means a company has to upgrade communication technology, offering ways to directly connect to each customer's intended target.

For example, PBX features like call forwarding and Find Me/Follow Me enable call routing to one or more extensions. This ensures end-users get immediate service. Also, agents receive calls based on characteristics you choose. You can cycle the calls among everyone or forward them to the agent who's taken the fewest calls.

3. Access to more advanced features makes for a healthier small business.

Seeing and hearing your employees in action on the phone with customers or prospects lets you direct how to change and improve your sales focus or training processes. A hosted PBX service offers features that let you monitor call flow. That includes how many customers are in a queue, average agent response time, and average talk time. These metrics give you a greater understanding of your team's responsiveness.

Other features give you customer phone call recording for review and assistance with agent training. You can listen to any current call and speak to the agent to guide them through optimal ways to handle caller. Whether it's a call center agent or a member of your sales team, what you learn from these tools gives you specific information on improvements.

4. Hosted PBX solutions add greater value.

Another advantage of a hosted VoIP service is that it does more than offer you voicemail and caller ID. In fact, it does a lot more to improve your business communications!

For starters, you get web, video, and audio conferencing capability – as well as a cloud phone system in one solution. Second, the system comes with more than 100 meeting and cloud features. Third, you receive expansive and responsive tech support. 

Fourth, a hosted PBX system like GoToConnect's focuses on integration capability. It seamlessly integrates with CRM systems like Zendesk, Zoho, and Salesforce. Moreover, there are continual upgrades to the technology that don't need any further investment on your part.

Explore the Benefits of Hosted VoIP & Cloud-Based PBX

Try the GoToConnect hosted VoIP and cloud-based PBX solution for yourself to experience the benefits for your customers, team members, bottom line, and brand reputation!

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