3 Contact Center Challenges You Can Win With Technology


As far as industry buzzwords go, none have had a bigger impact than “cloud.”

Whether you’re a small to medium enterprise or a major blue chip corporation, the cloud has been lauded as the solution to common communication, storage, and productivity challenges.

The value of the cloud is especially relevant for the contact center industry. Between the pressure of handling clients, maintaining efficient operations 24/7, and ensuring cost-efficiency, there are a lot of issues that contact centers could potentially face! Thankfully, most can be addressed through intelligent cloud technology. Take a look at some that you can easily address below.  

1. High call traffic

Contact centers have to deal with a lot of calls. Unfortunately, even industries focused on this can experience exceptionally high call volumes that max out agent capacity.

Unanswered calls are detrimental to the business and could result in the loss of potential customers. Since hiring more staff isn’t always possible, turning to a robust cloud-based contact center system that offers a broad set of features is your go-to solution.  

Features such as call queue management can make it easier for individual agents to manage the influx of calls. It also notifies customers regarding waiting times, which gives them a better calling experience. It alerts the team if the volume of calls reaches a predetermined threshold. This allows you to make adjustments in real-time to ensure all calls are attended to.

2. Employee burnout

Given the pressure associated with the contact center industry, burnout and high attrition rates are a common issue that businesses face. Working directly with customers means agents need to be cheerful, eager to serve, and capable of building empathy and rapport with each caller. This is very hard to accomplish when your team isn’t equipped with the right tools to get the job done.

Cloud-based platforms provide apps and features that offer great support for agents. For example, phone systems that offer call monitoring features such as whisper, sky and barge modes allow better coaching. This can help give agents a motivational boost!

Call analytics and recordings are also a big part of cloud-based platforms, which can provide insight into overall team performance. This kind of information is valuable data that supports more informed decisions about staffing needs, identifying potential problems within teams, and making the necessary adjustments.

3. Low customer satisfaction

According to a report, “80% of customers say companies put more effort into selling than providing excellent customer service.”

Fortunately, technology offers multiple ways for you to provide a better and more personalized customer experience that can help boost low customer satisfaction. Cloud-based contact center platforms can offer multiple points of contact that allow customers to reach you via their preferred platforms. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities give callers a more personalized calling experience.

Adopting intelligent and scalable software design doesn’t just ensure cost-efficiency. It’s also a practical solution for some of the most common challenges that contact centers face today.

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