Webinars that fit your business.

Amplify the impact of your webinar marketing, training and internal communication.

Capture, connect and convert more leads

Through webinar marketing, you can easily increase brand awareness, generate new leads, educate current prospects and move buyers through each stage of their journey.

Customization and Branding

Customize your registration forms and brand your emails with your logo and colors.

Automated Communication

GoToWebinar handles your email invitations and reminders.

Analytics Dashboard

We tell you who’s engaging and how your webinars are performing so you can hone your webinar marketing strategy.

Centralized Webinar Hub

You get your own branded webinar library for easy webinar storing and sharing.

Expanded Reach

Host your recorded webinars on GoToStage to engage a whole new audience of professionals for lead generation. Learn more


Sync all your registrant, attendee and other webinar data into the systems you already use. Learn more


Provide valuable training that sticks

Corporate trainers, customer management teams and other training providers use GoToWebinar to create educational experiences that drive learning retention.

Audience Engagement

Keep learners engaged with polls, surveys, live Q&A and more. Drive interaction by sharing your webcam and inviting people to ask questions.

Share Anything

You have the flexibility to share a presentation, give a software demo, show videos, or anything else on your screen.

Course Materials

Include relevant content right in your webinar for easy access and downloading.


Once your training is complete, present attendees with a certificate of completion.

Webinar Recording

Pre-record your events with interactive features that make them feel as engaging as a live webinar. Learn more


Deliver powerful presentations to remote teams

IT and HR professionals choose GoToWebinar for important all hands or town hall company meetings that include multiple offices or remote employees.

Automated Webinar Marketing

Easily send out webinar invites, reminders and follow-up communication.

Host Up to 2,000 Attendees

Host a webcast when presenting to a large audience. Attendees can easily join without downloading software. Learn more

Recorded Webinars

Pre-record your webinar with interactive features and show it at times that work for all attendees – no matter their time zone. Learn more

Video Sharing

Share a fun video clip, pre-recorded messages from employees or any other kind of video during your webinar.

Audience Interaction

Poll your audience to drive engagement and send a post-webinar survey to gauge attendee satisfaction.


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