GoTo Room + Logitech's all-new Rally Bar series

The Logitech Rally family of all-in-one video bars and modular conference camera systems sets a new standard.

What makes GoTo Room + Logitech right for your business


  • Super audio and video

    Every Rally device features motorized pan and tily lenses and AI-powered RightSense™ technologies for expansive room coverage with automatic framing, lifelike video quality, and exquisite voice clarity.

  • Versatile setup and cable management

    Find the perfect setup for any space – go modular with the expandable options of Rally Plus for larger rooms or choose the all-in-one ease of Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini. Whichever you choose, integrated cable management keeps connections tight.

  • Flexible deployment options

    Deploy in USB mode to connect a meeting room computer with your choice of software. Or run meetings without a PC in appliance mode with GoTo Room pre-configured for robust video conference.

  • Easy to monitor, manage and support

    Get ahead of possible issues with remote device management using Logitech® Sync and GoTo Room. Monitor device status, push firmware updates, and even measure room utilization.

GoTo Room has partnered with Logitech to make meetings more productive for any size meeting space

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Set up without all the setup

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