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GoToRoom with Logitech

Modernize your meetings with world class video conferencing solutions.
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The experience

Logitech is a proven industry leader in video conferencing hardware for organizations around the world. GoToRoom has partnered with Logitech to deliver all-in-one hardware and software room kits for any size meeting space. GoToRoom with Logitech enabled meeting rooms can be set up in minutes, unlocking the full collaboration potential of any team, anywhere, at any time.

Huddle space or home office

GoToRoom with Logitech MeetUp delivers an effortless way to collaborate in small groups of 2-6 people. Simple wireless sharing options and a super-wide field of view allows users to collaborate with both individuals in the room and those who are remote.

GoToRoom with Logitech MeetUp is also perfect for outfitting a home office. Presentations from home now sound like they’re taking place in the same room.


Conference room

When paired with the right video conferencing solution, traditional 6-10 person meeting rooms can be transformed into high end collaboration spaces, at an affordable price. The all new GoToRoom with Logitech Rally pairs fast, easy and reliable GoToMeeting software with cutting edge audio and video hardware; the result is an unbelievable user experience.


Premier boardroom

If you’re looking to expand into larger spaces (like executive boardrooms), GoToRoom with Logitech Rally Plus is designed for hosting ultra high quality meetings for 10-20 people. Each kit comes standard with multiple speakers, expansion microphones, flexible mounting kits and more to help ensure performance remains top notch in larger meeting spaces.


See what’s inside

Interested in learning more about GoToRoom with Logitech? Contact us today for live demos or a take a quick look under the hood at the latest hardware tech specs.

Setup without all the setup

Interested in seeing just how easy it is to go from unboxing your new GoToRoom to starting a meeting?