Connect PRO Bundle: GoToMeeting with Every Jive Seat


How would you like to receive all of your communication needs without all of the extra costs? LogMeIn has made that possible by offering the Connect PRO Bundle, a cloud communication and collaboration offering made possible by LogMeIn’s recent acquisition of Jive Communications. The Connect PRO Bundle is available for a limited time to new customers and includes a GoToMeeting PRO license with every Jive seat purchased. This means that every member of your organization not only receives over 80 of Jive’s great VoIP features, but high-quality face-to-face meetings with anyone, anywhere, from any device.

The bundle is designed to simplify and extend customers’ UCC (unified communications and collaboration) solutions by combining GoToMeeting’s cloud-based video conferencing solutions with Jive’s cloud-based telephony solutions to offer more value, savings, and — most importantly — more valuable connections.

Because this is a limited-time offer, hurry and take advantage of the Connect PRO Bundle today. Support your calls, meetings and interactions anywhere, on any device – whether it’s at your desk, in the conference room, on your mobile phone, or anywhere else that work takes you. This offer was designed with your businesses in mind, to add simplicity and to create more valuable interactions.

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