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Understand the power that unified collaboration tools bring to your teams worldwide - and how they can optimize your business to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Modern expectations for collaboration

Today’s workforce is unprecedented. Team members are anywhere and everywhere, working in real-time, all while connecting faster and more frequently than ever before. Secure and seamless collaboration is not just essential–it’s business critical. Companies must invest in unified communications and collaboration technologies to bring their teams together, and into the future.


New data that uncovers the demand for UCC

Forming our own global team, GoTo partnered with Ovum Research to understand how the world’s most imaginative IT leaders are using UCC to drive business goals. We surveyed over 2,000 IT leaders worldwide and discovered key insights about how the demand for unified collaboration is a major part of their digital transformation strategies.


Investment On The Rise

76% of leaders plan to increase spending in UCC.

A Strategic Move

60% of organizations expect positive ROI within one year.

Meet the Needs of Digital Natives

93% agree digital natives have different needs and expectations.

The modern IT executive’s guide to revolutionizing UCC

This whitepaper is your tool to forging a successful UCC investment that will not only drive your business forward, but also empower your modern workplace to come together as one. Get insider intel from what successful leaders learned as they’ve started investing in and building their UCC for the future. As for the top 10 imperatives for successful UCC adoption, you’ll have to download the paper to find out.


The top 3 imperatives for effective UCC adoption

1. A clearly articulated digital strategy

2. Reduce vendor complexity

3. Consider where to invest in AI