KAD Dental Improves Call Flow Management, Starts Virtual Interviews with GoToConnect


KAD Dental is a comprehensive business service company serving dentists and dental practices. Their purpose is to equip, empower and educate dentists and dental professionals such that they are able to set the highest standards in patient care. Their services include staffing, bookkeeping, dental business training, vendor coordination, human resource consulting and more.

As KAD Dental Staffing grew and started handling between 4,000 and 6,000 phone calls per month out of their call centers, they grew concerned that their existing phone system wouldn’t be able to keep up. The team quickly realized that a reliable, sophisticated phone system was needed – and the search for a better solution began.

Luckily, they didn’t need to look very far – many of their dental office clients were already using LogMeIn’s GoToConnect (formerly Jive Communications). Phillip Singleton, Director of Operations, configured the system and was impressed with what he saw. Once GoToConnect was implemented, the firm saw immediate improvements in their ability to manage call flows. Additionally, urgent calls that came in after hours could now be efficiently handled from anywhere on the GoToConnect platform.

Finally, Singleton has leveraged LogMeIn’s GoToAssist solution to support remote employees with their phone or computer- related issues. He's able to help them solve their problems quickly and efficiently without the need of being in person, a critical benefit during the pandemic.

Leveraging the combined solution of GoToConnect and GoToAssist has proven to be advantageous for KAD Dental Staffing, from visibility into performance metrics, to saved time and money and more. When asked if he would recommend these solutions, Singleton said, “As we grow, we will need to develop many subsequent tools to maintain a clear line of communication. The GoToConnect and GoToAssist solution has been that value-added toolset that we’ve been able to use.”

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Remote operations for meetings and support doesn’t have to be complicated

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