What’s New: Amplifying Communication with GoTo Customer Engagement

Transforming Customer Communications with GoTo Contact Center


GoTo Customer Engagement is back with new updates to share! In response to your feedback, we’ve refined our solution to offer richer customer interactions and even better productivity. Discover what's new at GoTo and see how these improvements can benefit your workflow.


A new workflow for responding to customer conversations

You spoke, we listened. In the shared inbox, you can now focus on replying collaboratively to your customers as soon as possible without having to worry about assigning or unassigning conversations. Switching to open mode will allow your team to view all open conversations (unassigned, assigned to me, and assigned to others) in one conversation list. Now set up your shared inbox in a way that works for you and your team.


A time- and effort-saving feature that transforms campaign creation

Streamline your marketing efforts with an extensive library of predefined campaign templates tailored for a variety of goals, industries, and audience types. Each template is fully customizable to match your brand identity, and easy to modify thanks to its user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to starting from scratch and instead, focus on delivering your message effectively.


Unlock informative contact information

The right contact information can make or break your business. This feature unlocks your ability to add contact information that was not available in the default settings. Whether it’s their favorite ice cream sandwich, last appointment date, revenue unlocked from the contact, or their pet’s name, you can add custom fields on a per contact basis and import custom fields into contact profile.


Personalize and target your messages

Say goodbye to static segment lists and embrace the flexibility of dynamic segments! You’ll be able to create personalized SMS campaigns by pulling in customer groups based on changing or dynamic data. A perfect example is creating a campaign to reach out to your active customers. Your active customers may change month to month, but you can create the segment based on criteria like ‘has responded’ to ensure your segment is up to date, and ensure your messages are targeted with unparalleled accuracy.




Revamping your campaign view for better performance

We have updated your campaign page to help you see all your campaign performance for better visibility. The new campaign page now shows the number of scheduled campaigns, recent campaigns, and conversations started in the last 30 days. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the number of credits used and how many remain during your billing cycle. Now confidently understand the value campaigns are bringing to your business in this improved view.


More new features and enhancements

Beyond these updates, we’re unveiling even more exciting new features, each designed to enhance the experience and workflow of GoTo Customer Engagement users:

  • Consolidating Conversation History: Access your customer’s contact history with fewer clicks. View the conversation timeline directly in the conversation inbox.
  • Increasing Import Capacity: By popular demand: We’ve increased the number of contacts you can import to 10,000.

Get started today with the new features and functionality in GoTo Customer Engagement

While we’re excited to share these new improvements, join us in our upcoming webinar where we’ll cover the latest updates and more.

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