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Here at GoTo, we’re on an ongoing mission to simplify business communication. We’re sharing a roundup of the latest and greatest additions to hit the platform. Keep reading to learn more about the new updates to enhance your GoTo Connect experience.

Fast, AI-powered assistance

Built directly into GoTo’s admin interface, the admin GoPilot effortlessly finds answers to setup queries by sharing support resources and demo videos right when you need them. Simply ask a question or use it as a shortcut to get to the admin page you’re looking for. Find more informed decision-making and streamlined operations with the admin GoPilot!


A centralized call management dashboard to personalize calls and streamline workflows

The attendant console provides an intuitive interface to efficiently monitor and handle incoming calls. Better manage customer interactions with simple short cuts to transfer them to the right extensions and manage call routing. The attendant console provides ‘at a glance’ visibility to see a detailed view of the users, calls, queues, and ring groups across your organization. With easy-to-see details, intuitive drag-and drop call handling, and real-time insights that update as you go, the attendant console is your single source of truth for managing calls.


A powerful partnership between GoTo’s next-level communication tools and your Microsoft Teams experience 

Easily access your favorite advanced GoTo Connect features like SMS, call recording, and customizable dashboards directly within Teams. Enhanced by user-friendly admin controls and top-rated support, this integration ensures you’ll get more out of your phone experience without leaving the Teams platform. 


A comprehensive toolkit that helps you understand your customers even better

We’re continuously updating our integrations and have created a new Integration Bundle to help you get the most out of your workflows. Effortlessly integrate call information, SMS, voicemail data, and contacts directly with your CRM (including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho). Allowing for the seamless data transfer between GoTo Connect and your CRMs will help you gain valuable customer insights into the customer journey, enhancing your ability to tailor experiences and improve customer relationships.


Consolidate the entire customer journey into one intuitive dashboard

This newly released Reporting & Analytics Add-On is all about unlocking insights from every conversation. To provide transparency, performance analytics and comprehensive insights, the Reporting & Analytics add-on is designed to combine our existing call reports and add another level of granularity with end-to-end reporting. Dive deep into the journey of every call with access to detailed call recordings, transcripts and segmented audio records that are easily searchable, ensuring you can quickly adapt your business communications to your unique needs.


A modern take on faxing

Combining simplicity with a visually intuitive interface, you can now send and receive faxes within the GoTo web and desktop app. Send faxes in just three simple steps: enter recipient details and customize a cover sheet, drag and drop files to attach, then review and send. It’s so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why anyone ever questioned if fax is still a thing. 


The momentum continues with our world-class mobile experience

GoTo is continually investing in mobile capabilities with new mobile functionality including private messaging, shared inbox, simple phone number surfacing, and more:

  • Access numbers you need in an instant: Quickly see which business numbers route to your extension whether through ring groups or dial plans with the surface business phone number toggle
  • Address accuracy for faster responses: With our mobile e911 update mobile callers will be prompted to validate their address to ensure the call is routed to the nearest response unit for speedy action
  • A richer, reimagined messaging experience: A new user experience leveraging the latest mobile device technology to seamlessly interact with new photo attachment capabilities through mobile private messaging
  • Swiftly sync preferences: You can now sync your notification preferences on mobile for all your devices without the need to repeat the process on other mobile devices or web/desktop
  • More scheduling capabilities than ever before: Users can now define their own schedule and configure Find Me/Follow Me across various time frames for all channels (mobile, web/desktop and admin). Admins will still have control to view and edit if necessary

More new features and enhancements

We also have more updates to share, each designed to enhance the experience and workflow of GoTo Connect users:

  • SMS Usage Report: A new SMS usage report is now available on demand from your admin center. This report will share the recipient and sender details as well as delivery status, # of segments used per message, if it was MMS and whether it was billable or not. Gain more visibility into your SMS usage. 
  • Dynamic Outbound DID Presentation: We've improved the Click to Call API so you can dynamically tailor the number presentation using any number from within your PBX. Presenting the right number to customers not only helps improve connection rates when making outbound calls, it also ensures any return calls are delivered straight back to the right team, right away.
  • Opt-Out Compliance: Build confidence with and satisfy your customers by ensuring their number is opted out of any outbound SMS they have selected while also protecting your business from any liability if more than one contact card is created.


Get started today with the new features and functionality in GoTo Connect

While we’re excited to share these new improvements, join us in our upcoming webinar where we’ll cover the latest updates and more.


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