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GoTo Resolve Referral Program

Any GoTo customer with an existing subscription to GoTo Resolve can refer a friend.

As compensation for the arrangement of subscriptions to GoTo Resolve in accordance with these terms and conditions, the referring customer (“You”) will receive a digital gift card with an amount equal to $150 USD for each qualified referral. The gift card will only be due to You upon actual receipt by GoTo of non-refundable payments received by GoTo from an end user who makes a purchase (accepted by GoTo) of GoTo Resolve in accordance with the terms hereof.

An eligible end user is identified by an individual account of GoTo Resolve which (i) consists of, at least, a unique username and password, (ii) is identified as a new paid GoTo Resolve end user, (iii) is presented to GoTo by You through GoTo’s referral program, and (iv) has held a GoTo Resolve account in good standing for at least two (2) months. It is understood and agreed that GoTo may accept or reject for any reason or no reason at its sole discretion any requested subscription by an end user to GoTo Resolve. You will receive no credit, discount, commissions, or payments in connection with a subscription rejected by GoTo; nor will any credit, discount, commissions, or payments be made upon failure to use your digital gift card.

This incentive program is for a limited time only and GoTo reserves the right to discontinue or modify the program (in whole or in part), any discounts, coupons, credits, sales, and special promotional offers at any time in its sole discretion.