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NICE CXone Services Terms

These NICE CXone Services (formerly Contact Center Pro) Terms govern your subscription to the NICE CXone services and are subject to GoTo’s Terms of Service available at

The parties agree as follows:

  1. Term; extension of term.
    1. The initial term of this agreement is the longer of 12 months or the term stated in the Order (“Initial Term”) and is both measured and renewed as set forth in the Terms of Service. We will prorate Service Charges for any partial month at the beginning of the Initial Term.
    2. This agreement will automatically extend for an unlimited number of successive periods equal to the initial term unless you provide notice of termination no less than 30 days before the end of the term.
    3. This term applies to NICE CXone Services and may be different than the term for other Services on your account.
  2. Support. NICE, Ltd. will provide customer support for NICE CXone Services. We will provide the Customer with the information necessary to reach NICE’s support resources.
  3. Metering. We will meter your inbound and outbound use of NICE CXone Services as applicable and will charge you the per-minute rates stated in the Order.
  4. Third-party beneficiary. The parties designate NICE, Ltd. as a third party beneficiary of this agreement for purposes of exercising any of our rights or demanding the performance of your obligations with respect to the NICE CXone Services.
  5. Emergency calling. You acknowledge that the NICE CXone Services are not designed to accommodate emergency calls. You must not use the NICE CXone Services to place emergency calls and must notify all employees and other users of NICE CXone Services of this limitation.

Last Updated: January 2022