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GoTo Terms of Use for Artificial Intelligence Features

These GoTo Terms of Use for Artificial Intelligence Features (“GoTo AI Terms”) incorporate, and will be considered part of, GoTo’s Terms of Service. They govern your use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, or similar technologies (“AI Technologies”) which are developed and managed by third parties (each a “Third-Party Provider”) and have been made available within the AI-enabled features for the GoTo Services set forth in Table 1.

Use of the AI Technologies and AI-enabled features in Table 1 is completely optional, these features are not core functionality for the applicable GoTo Services, and are, in each case, provided for your convenience and benefit.

When users on your account use AI-enabled features within GoTo’s Services, that use constitutes your instruction for GoTo to transmit the relevant data to the applicable Third-Party Provider, which may, in addition to assisting with the AI-enabled features, choose to use the information you have provided to train its models, improve its services, or for other purposes.

Although GoTo will endeavor to enable privacy and security controls made available to us by the Third-Party Providers, GoTo has no control over, and is not responsible for: (1) the quality, accuracy, effectiveness, safety, or security of AI-generated output; or (2) a Third-Party Provider’s use of your information after it has been transmitted to them. You must therefore carefully review all AI-generated output before using it, and we further recommend that you do not input any sensitive, proprietary, confidential, or personal information (including contact details, account numbers, personal identifiers, or any other information about an individual) into the AI-enabled features of GoTo’s Services.

GoTo’s Services and their AI-enabled features are not intended to receive or process meaningful works of authorship. You therefore agree not to involve GoTo or any Third-Party Provider in a claim that a copyright you hold has been infringed through a Third-Party Provider’s use of information that you have input into the AI-enabled features of GoTo’s Services.

Table 1

GoTo Service AI-Enabled Feature(s) AI Technologies Third-Party Provider
GoTo Customer Engagement Message Assistant ChatGPT OpenAI, L.L.C. and its affiliates