Why do API integrations matter?


APIs are like Legos—but imagine your Legos are digital and could also talk, to build the best solutions for your business problems. Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are important tools in all industries because they allow the capabilities of one computer program to be used by another. APIs create open communication and information sharing and GoTo APIs are available for all partners and customers to use.

A 2020 study by Cloud Elements found that 83% of customers consider API integration a critical part of their business strategy. They are looking for “connected experiences.” By using APIs, respondents saw increased productivity, increased innovation, and a direct increase in revenue. In a competitive business environment, we must adapt or fall behind. So why do GoTo's open APIs matter?

Personalized customer experience

Create a better customer experience with the GoTo Connect API. See the phone number of the customer calling, search it in your CRM API, and display relevant information while the phone is still ringing. The agent immediately has the best context for the incoming call and can provide a personalized touch point. Never again ask a returning customer how to spell their name!

Automate Workflows

Logging each customer phone call, meeting, or text is a manual nightmare for sales agents. So, let’s cut out that pain point. When GoTo APIs connect with CRM APIs, magic happens. Communications can be tracked and logged automatically leading to happy salespeople, more calls, and more commissions. Salespeople can also avoid manually dialing phone numbers and call with one click, saving seconds, and avoiding human error.

Customized Reports

Data is power. GoTo APIs give you access to raw data, empowering you to create custom reports for any stakeholder. Build the report once, and you can reuse it over and over. Get detailed insight on number of calls, how many had sales, how long did they talk, what did they say, when and how did they communicate, and more.

Our API legos are ready for you. Check out what’s new! The GoTo Connect API now has web calls. Developers can create a web-based soft phone session to make and receive calls and get call notifications.

The GoTo Developer Center contains guides to get started, sample code, and a link to a team of dedicated API specialists to help you get up and running.

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