What Is a GREAT UCC Solution?


While UCC platforms deliver a standard set of real-time communication tools, not all UCC vendors are made equal! The best of the best offer seamless user experiences and robust features, as the same time effectively keeping up with the changing needs of users. After all, as businesses evolve it only makes sense that the tools they use to maintain efficiency and productivity evolve with them. This means going beyond the basic UCC offerings and not settling for a "good" UCC solution: it has to be GREAT. What does that mean exactly?


Globally Available 


Globalization and technological innovations are transforming today’s workplace. Businesses today can easily expand their search for talent internationally to find highly skilled employees who will help grow their business. And remote working opportunities are gaining a lot of momentum, sometimes even outpacing the number of office-based employees at a company. 

In order to reap the benefits, it’s important that your internal communications platform supports the needs of geographically dispersed teams. It should facilitate easy communication and empower collaboration by seamlessly integrating voice, video, conferencing, and messaging features under a single platform. Not only does this ensure better productivity and efficiency, it also translates to better transparency and visibility in the way you work, no matter where your employees are located.

Reliable Communication and Collaboration

Reliability is a hallmark of a true UCC solution.  Studies show how impactful a loss in productivity can be to a company's bottom line, and dealing with technical issues in communication can wreak serious havoc on your teams workflows. With a UCC tool provided by a single, trusted vendor, you gain the advantage of reliability for your users and their experiences. Admins and users have access to a single source of truth for implementation, onboarding and troubleshooting. There's one place to go for training and technical support, and one set of 'rules' to follow.

Easy, User-Friendly, Unified Tools

True UCC solutions are designed to be easy and simple to use for the end-user as well as the people managing the system. A great UCC provides a seamless and intuitive user experience that allows you to minimize implementation challenges and personalize operational flows. Instead of spending a ton of time working out how to integrate disparate systems from multiple vendors, a true UCC platform ensures everything is available from one account with a unified interface. And administrators can simply manage user permissions from a single pane of glass!

Affordable and Cost-Efficient

A true UCC solution is delivered via the cloud, allowing you to use devices that you already have. It’s also offered following a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, making it more cost-efficient in terms of maintenance and upgrades. Everything should be handled by your service provider. This ensures pricing is also more straightforward. Most providers offer tiered or per-seat models that give businesses a lot of flexibility to choose plans that address their specific needs. 

Time-Tested, Reputable Services

So many communications and collaboration vendors today promise the best unified solutions, it’s hard to identify which one can actually deliver the solutions you need. So, do a bit of research. Find out how long they’ve been in the business, and look into their reputation, and services expertise. A vendor who truly understands how UCC works needs to understand the service from the ground up. After all, it’s not just a simple service that they’re delivering. It’s a solution that will ultimately serve as the backbone of your operations.

The Bottom Line...

A true UCC solution is more than a tool to help business growth. It should evolve with your company and address new challenges as you scale. Make sure your UCC solution offers robust, seamlessly integrated features fitting your requirements while improving your efficiency and productivity. It goes without saying that you should never settle for just any solution - not when great options are available.

If you want to learn more about bringing your UCC from good to GREAT, read the full whitepaper!

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