Security Features Your UCC Solution Needs



When you think of security, do you think of passwords, encryption, and hackers? Well, there might be more to the security equation with the shift to flexible, hybrid, or fully remote work. Security affects every aspect of our day, and it remains a top priority for businesses as they navigate a new out-of-office landscape. According to recent LastPass research, the top security concerns among IT leaders include securing data (75%), reducing risk (68%), and securing new technologies (68%).

What new technologies need securing?

In today’s flexible work environment, workers are signing in on home networks and collaborating completely online. Whether communicating with colleagues, customers, or friends, unified communication and collaboration software (UCC) helps us stay connected. But these platforms need to be secure to provide safe and private digital spaces for calls, meetings, virtual events, and more. UCC is essential for flexible work, but on-premises systems are expensive and resource-intensive to maintain and ensure security. Cloud-based systems provide a lean and seamless operation by outsourcing infrastructure and know-how to the UCC provider. Choosing a trustworthy cloud solution can mitigate security risks and costs.

At GoTo, privacy and security are part of our DNA and protecting personal and confidential information is a top priority.

How to keep UCC Secure 

1. Consolidate with one vendor

GoTo Connect, our all-in-one unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution, brings together calls, meetings, and messages on a single platform. Users can easily switch between channels within the same application and IT teams have one admin portal. By consolidating to one product and one vendor for UCC needs, customers enjoy connectivity and reliability. In addition, GoTo Connect supports a plethora of integrations, and with the GoTo Developer Center, it’s easier than ever to get GoTo Connect set up with existing CRMs and collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

2. Implement security controls

GoTo Connect is as secure as it is reliable thanks to industry-standard security controls. To safeguard our infrastructure and the data within, we employ: 

  • Logical access control to prevent the threat of unauthorized application access 
  • Perimeter protection tools to prevent unauthorized network traffic from entering product infrastructure 
  • Data segregation 
  • Data centers to provide physical security and environmental controls for server rooms. 
  • Data backup and disaster recovery 
  • Malware protection 
  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE)
  • Vulnerability management and monthly network scans
  • Logging and alerting suspicious traffic

3. Have a dedicated security team

Our business continuity plan is designed to ensure all product and operations teams are still fully functional even while working remotely. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve increased network capacity and ability to move traffic to avoid a single point of failure. Our dedicated Security Team is monitoring all GoTo services 24/7 to meet or exceed data privacy and information security standards.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic many industries saw a spike in attempted malicious cyberattacks including malware, phishing attacks, fake websites, spammers, and scammers. Our Incident Response and Threat Intelligence teams are actively tracking COVID-19 related malicious activity and are ready to respond should the need arise.

The GoTo team is committed to maintaining a high level of transparency as we all navigate this new future of flexible —and secure— work.  Learn more about how we keep GoTo tools secure.