Unexpected Ways Hosted VoIP Can Help Your Business


More and more businesses are recognizing the value of using Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for their company. Beyond managing costs better and providing a simple way to streamline communications, many organizations continue to see numerous, unexpected ways this phone system technology can help them.

Here are some of the lesser-known perks of switching to Hosted VoIP.

#1. No hidden charges

Expanding the basic functionality of legacy phone systems requires a lot of new hardware and add-ons. More often than not, these will include fees that get tacked onto your monthly bill.

Features like caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, and conferencing—all these and more—are already part of most Hosted VoIP plans. It’s a matter of learning and familiarizing yourself with the different features that come with your subscription.

#2. Simple and intuitive to use

Technology tends to suffer from the impression that it’s complicated and difficult to use, especially when it’s new.

For businesses that have already switched to a Hosted VoIP platform for their business communication needs, they know that this isn’t the case. Hosted VoIP is easier to use than you might think.

The platform lets you make and receive calls just as you would on a traditional phone system. Hosted VoIP service providers focus on making the set up easy, even if your company doesn’t employ an in-house IT team.

#3. No IT maintenance

Signing up for Hosted VoIP usually means limited hardware and simple setup. In many cases, all you have to is plug in phones which are already preconfigured to your settings.  In fact, the set-up is so easy that reliable Hosted VoIP providers can finish most of the setup remotely.

Also, because the service is provided following a Saas (Software as a Service) model and runs on the Cloud, there’s no need to to devote internal IT resources to maintain the infrastructure. You can add, change, move, or delete users yourself. On the rare occasion that you experience downtime, reputable Hosted VoIP providers offer 24x7x365 support at no extra cost.

#4. Seamless integration

Hosted VoIP solutions are actually very easy to integrate with existing technologies that you’re already using. The entire system can be unified with other types of communication systems, allowing for easier adoption among employees.

For example, if your company uses a cloud-based CRM platform, your hosted Hosted VoIP phone system could be integrated to pull up client records when that client calls in. That way, you have all their information at your fingertips. By marrying these two technologies, you can provide customers with a more personalized experience..

Hosted VoIP systems also have the unique capability of running on any computer. This allows access to a full host of robust features using your web browser. This becomes a significant advantage when you’re a growing organization that consistently has to scale their business according to employee needs.

#5. Surprising versatility

With traditional phone systems, you need a landline to make and attend to calls. This essentially locks you to your desk to be productive. The versatility of Hosted VoIP allows employees to use their landline, as well as their desktops or laptops to answer calls. When they’re out of the office working remotely, smartphones and tablets can be utilized to stay connected with the office and ensure efficient collaboration.

The entire system ensures full connectivity whenever, wherever.

A lot of businesses switch to Hosted VoIP because of cost. However, it’s important to know the additional advantages that a company can gain. If you’re in the market for a new Hosted VoIP system to help you tap into all of these unexpected benefits, feel free to contact us at Jive.


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