#Trending: The Cloud in the Workplace


Old School Technology = Landlines

If you’re using landlines to make your calls at work and home, you’re behind the times. In fact, the phrases “behind the times” and “old school” don’t truly illustrate the sad state of landline technology. Landline technology isn’t ironically hip or cool; it’s just inferior to Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). (Hosted VoIP uses the internet instead of telephone poles to connect people.)

Hosted VoIP is the future. And according to Jive’s recent survey of 2,000 US adults in August 2017, America’s experiencing a telephony revolution. Only 55% of Americans still have a landline connection at home. Even for the half of Americans with landline connections, this poll shows that landlines provide a shrinking functional purpose in today’s mobile world.

What can we say? Telephone poles are out. The Cloud is in.  

Cutting Edge Technology = The Cloud

It makes sense that home landlines are on the decline with the more convenient and advanced technology of personal cell phones. But what about the workplace? The workplace is also transitioning: 54% of adults no longer use an office phone to make calls at work. The majority of employees use personal cell phones and/or cloud-based software to communicate with clients and others at work.

Here’s the problem with using your cellphone—without cloud technology—to make all of your work calls: you have to give out your personal cell number to clients. It blurs the line between work and your personal life. With cloud-based technology you don’t have to surrender your personal number. Technology like Jive Mobile lets you use your office number to talk, text, and chat on your cell phone using your business number.  

Along with keeping your work and personal numbers separate, with Hosted VoIP you also get features and quality that outstrips landlines. For example, advanced features like time-based routing, voicemail to email, and call analytics are all-inclusive with the low, monthly payment for Jive Voice. And that’s the other thing—price. If quality connection and new features don’t get you excited, freakout about how Hosted VoIP phone systems are cheaper than traditional landlines.

The other excellent perk of cloud communication is that it unifies with other communications like video. According to Jive’s study, 40% of Americans say it’s important to have conferencing technology at work, and with Jive Video you can easily sync video communication with your phone communications.

Raise Your Business to New Heights with a Cloud Phone System


Who wants to hold to archaic landline technology when Hosted VoIP offers you more features, better quality, and a cheaper price? This is why the Cloud for office communication is #trending. Don’t get stuck with a relic of landline technology and a hefty bill. Request a demo from Jive today to see just how the Cloud can make your work life easier.

Want more interesting phone facts? Jive partnered with OnePoll to provide insights into ignoring calls, moving away from landline technology, and the growing predominance of cloud-based communication in the workplace. Download our infographic that was featured alongside a New York Post article, “Here’s Exactly How Many of Us Avoid Answering the Phone.”