Six Quick Tips for Better Mobile Meetings - GotoMeeting


As mobile devices become more and more essential to your daily workflow, many people now opt to join a meeting while on-the-go. Conducting and attending meetings from anywhere and everywhere is becoming a standard practice. Mobile meetings have their definite advantages, but they also come with their own set of best practices. Here are six easy tips to keep in mind to have a more productive mobile meeting.

Prep your Device

If you’re going to be an active participant in the online meeting, make sure your mobile device is ready to support you in the same way your laptop or desktop computer would! Make sure you’ve saved the files on to your mobile phone that you might need to send or refer to. Open up any relevant links or emails ahead of time, which you can send or screen share right from your phone if you need to. And make sure you’re charged up to 100%. Don’t be “that guy” who cuts a productive call short due to a waning battery.

Location, Location, Location!

Loud traffic and wind might not be bothering you in the moment, but when on a conference call they quickly become distracting for everyone. Find a quiet location where you can hunker down for the duration of the meeting. Duration is the key word there – don’t pick somewhere where the surroundings might change in the middle of the conference call.

Lean on the Mute Key

Even in a quiet place, unexpected distractions are bound to pop up. Getting used to keeping yourself on mute when you’re not leading the conversation ensures that the distraction is limited to you and you alone – everyone else on the line will enjoy an uninterrupted meeting. If things get really bad and you missed a point here or there, don’t be afraid to ask the meeting host to to a quick meeting recap or send a transcript after the fact.

Get on WiFi

Taking a meeting on your mobile device doesn’t mean you have to trust spotty cellular service. Make sure your device’s WiFi connection is active, and use a hotspot if you can. This will help mitigate the risk of a dropped call or choppy connection. But if you don’t have a choice… see our next tip!

Be an Active Participant

Meetings on-the-move without the option for WiFi certainly run a greater risk of a dropped call. That’s just the nature of the beast. So, be a bit more of an active participant to make sure everyone can still hear you. Keep an eye out to see if your audio is still connected and that everyone can understand you. Few things are more disconcerting during a mobile meeting than discovering you’ve been talking to thin air.

Consider Confidentiality

Nowadays we’re all used to taking calls or sending emails from public places, it’s easy to get in the zone and not realize how loudly you’re talking or what you’re saying. If you’re taking your meeting from a public area, make sure you take two things into consideration – the content of the meeting, and who is around you. If you’re discussing crucial business objectives or in a coffee shop, keep your volume in check, or use vague language. Remember that you can send secure information to everyone in the meeting through the meeting chat or business messenger.

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