Silicon Slopes Highlights Jive and What Makes Us Different


Since the beginning, Jive has been doing things differently—and people are beginning to notice. Silicon Slopes published an article about Jive last week highlighting our unique way of doing business. Here at Jive, we are focused on providing the best experience for each person who is involved with us—whether it be our customers or our own employees. Silicon Slopes identified a few areas where Jive is different than its competitors:

Jive Focuses on People

Growth is the word of the year here at Jive. There’s been a lot of focus on recruiting the right people and helping them to grow with the company.

Silicone Slopes quoted Paul Thatcher, he said, “High growth is in the DNA of the founding group of Jive. We are not interested in 5 or 10 percent growth in the company, we want rapid growth….When you’re on the people side of the business, that’s really appealing. The people you bring into the organization will get opportunities to expand, grow, and face new challenges.”

Jive puts individuals at the center of everything it does. That’s why we’ve been ranked as the Hosted VoIP provider with the best customer service. We understand people and we’ve taken the time to help make customer’s lives easier.

Jive Understands Hard Work

Like many other businesses in Silicon Slopes, Jive didn’t rely on angel investors or VC funds. Jive bootstrapped its business and the founders had to build it from the ground up.

“One of the great stories of Jive is how we’ve bootstrapped this thing, it’s a classic American bootstrapping story,” Thatcher said to Silicon Slopes writer Chris Rawle. “The founders worked for free for the first few years to get things off the ground, scaled it to tens of millions of dollars before taking any funding, and that’s been critical to our growth, direction, and strategy. We control our own destiny.”

Bootstrapping has given Jive complete control of its future. We don’t have to make long-term decisions to appease short-term goals of investors. This gives us an advantage and allows us to focus on what is the most important thing—our customers.

Jive’s Not Your Typical Telecommunications Company

Unlike our competitors, we aren’t looking to nickel-and-dime customers for every voicemail inbox set up and conference bridge used. Jive understands that people want a simple, affordable price for their phone system without the hassle of dealing with an a la carte billing system.

Silicon Slopes reported that Sam Simmons said, “[O]ne of the things that was different was that we weren’t telecom guys. We didn’t come at this thinking, how can we nickel-and-dime customers for every extension? We approached this from a software perspective.”

The Jive Founders wanted to create a user-friendly business phone system that wasn’t confusing, was easy to use, and had a simple pricing model.

“From the beginning, the mindset was very different than what you might experience with a cell phone bill or those kinds of things, where you get a detailed bill from Sprint,” said Simmons. “We don’t do that…We still have the best interface for making changes, better than anybody in the industry for 10 years. Keeping that mindset — keeping customers first and foremost — is part of that.”

Jive understands that when the customer wins, we win and that’s why we created the best dial plan editor on the market.

Future Growth

At Jive, we understand that our growth has come from being concerned with our customer’s pain points and addressing them. We know that as we keep you at the forefront of what we’re doing, then we will continue to grow. Learn more about what products Jive offers, check out our products page.