September 2020 Release Wrap-Up: Make Remote Work a Breeze with Mobile Improvements, User Presence and More!


Flex work is here to stay and your business needs to embrace it wholeheartedly – but you’ve got to do it right. It’s not just a matter of IT enabling software and fading into the background; it’s a multi-channel, multi-team approach that begins with strategy and carries through employee culture.

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented year, we set out to observe changes in online meetings and events. To do so, we compared 5 months’ worth of GoTo user data from 2019 to the same period of time in 2020. Here’s what we found:

  • Meetings are going mobile. The percentage of mobile meetings have grown. While we assumed everyone staying home would be attached to their laptops, on-the-go work has increased – meetings taken from a mobile device nearly doubled.
  • Face-to-face, but make it video. The percentage of people in a meeting with webcams on grew. Video conferencing has helped foster personal connections in place of being in the office. Face-to-face now has a whole new meaning.
  • A new normal is emerging. The percentage of weekend meetings grew. No longer confined to the traditional 9-5, more people are working on the weekend, as well as enjoying virtual birthday parties, happy hours and game nights.

Make remote work, work with these new releases!

As remote work experts, the team at GoTo has been hard at work innovating and releasing new features that make everyone's lives just a little bit easier. So without further ado, here's what we've been up to over the past month.

Join GoToWebinar sessions on GoToRoom

You can already join GoToWebinar sessions on desktop and mobile… now, you can join directly from your GoToRoom-outfitted conference room or home office as well. This makes it easy to get that enhanced audio video GoToRoom experience for essential GoToWebinar sessions.

*Please note that GoToWebinar Panelist mode is coming soon for GoToRoom (Audio and video sharing to present on a webinar).

Meeting Lock and Password Protection (GoToConnect)

With much of the world still working from home, security is paramount. GoToConnect meeting organizers can now lock their meetings from the inside, providing them with the ability to control who enters their meetings.

For an added layer of security, organizers can also choose to password protect their meetings.

Call Flip (GoToConnect)

Taking meetings on-the-go these days? You're not alone – and now, users can transfer their calls to another device seamlessly!

While on an active call, simply dial *77 from the device you want to continue the call on, or click Active Call Controls in GoToConnect. The call will be ended on the original device and transferred to the new device without notifying the other party. All device types are supported – desk phones and mobile/web softphones.

Pause Reasons (GoToConnect)

In a remote work environment, it's essential to know when to step away from your workspace for a small break – whether it's a walk, lunch time with family, or helping the kids with homework – we all need a few minutes to recharge every now and then! 

In GoToConnect, when call center agents need to attend to other business, they can now pause all of their queues with the click of a button. Plus, administrators can customize pause reasons, meaning that agents have access to reasons that best suit their team's unique situations. 

Rich User Presence (GoToConnect)

Our rich user presence update providers more visibility and versatility into the status of GoToConnect users. The updated features allow workers to accurately display their availability, as well as the availabilities of their contacts.

More September releases

Restricted Access (GoToWebinar) 

Add an extra layer of security to webinars by enabling both domain restrictions and restricted join in GoToWebinar.

  • Domain restrictions prevent anyone with an unapproved email domain from registering for a webinar.
  • Enabling restricted join means that each registration link will only be allowed to access the webinar once – with no link sharing available.

Simulive UX Enhancements (GoToWebinar)

Attendees of Simulated Live webinars (also called Recorded Events) can now pause, play, fast forward and rewind the webinar content. Organizers can control which Simulive webinars have player controls, providing flexibility to support different use cases, e.g. if the Simulive is scheduled for a specific time slot or if it’s available anytime and on-demand.

Mobile App Updates (GoToConnect)

We are continuing to update and improve the GoToConnect mobile app. Recent updates include:

  • Silence Calls
  • Voicemail Filters
  • Transfer Calls to Voicemail
  • Contact Search performance improvements
  • "Dark" Mode
  • Declined Calls Filter
  • Contact Presence Status
  • Voicemail Scrubbing

...with even more coming soon!

Mobile App Share Extension (GoToConnect)

The GoToConnect Mobile App Extension available on both on Android and iOS gives the user the ability to share an image starting from the image library. This allows the user to have a native experience without living in the GTC App, which is more intuitive and a delighter for users.

Since the release of MMS and the New Messaging Platform in May 2020, we've seen a tremendous increase in usage of our messaging solution. To keep the momentum going, we'll continue to bring more functionality and remove any friction users have with the 5,000+ media files handled per day on our platform.

Supervisor Real Time View (GoToConnect)

Supervisors now have more visibility into call queues they supervise, giving more insight in real time. View from a summary on a dashboard or deep-dive into the activity of each queue to view activity such as agent status, longest wait time, etc. 

Post-Session Recording Update (GoToWebinar)

With GoToWebinar, organizers can now choose whether or not they'd like to have GoToWebinar automatically send the webinar recording out to all session registrants. This flexibility allows for organizers to ensure all registrants receive the content without any additional effort, or they can turn the feature off and send a custom follow up.

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