Enterprise Connect 2024: GoTo’s Lessons and Insights



Last week, the GoTo team descended on sunny Orlando, Florida, where we participated in one of the leading industry events for enterprise communications and collaboration: Enterprise Connect. As a first-timer at the show, it was great to be immersed in the amazing happenings in the world of UCaaS and CCaaS. With four action-packed days filled with exciting product launches, engaging demos, and insightful sessions, it was easy to miss something. We’ve distilled our top 5 takeaways from the event here.


Lesson 1: It was clear what’s hot. And it’s AI.

AI is poised to have a transformational impact on the way we live and work and has particularly taken hold of the unified communications and contact center space. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to showcase GoTo’s latest advancements in AI and Contact Center.

During my expo hall showcase, I shared the AI and Contact Center capabilities GoTo announced last week, and focused discussion on how we help transform your work with AI so you can create positive experiences for your customers. During my showcase session, the crowd was delighted in our interaction-enhancing features including:   
  • Interaction Summaries: I showcased how to harness the power of AI to elevate productivity and quality management by receiving instant post-call summarization and call notes, reducing wrap-up time and average handling time (AHT). 
  • Supervisor Recovery: Attendees were interested in how to proactively boost customer satisfaction with instant alerts for negative sentiments, empowering supervisors to intervene seamlessly to enhance the overall conversation, maintain customer loyalty, and achieve first contact resolution (FCR). 
  • Sentiment & Topic Detection: I had some great post-presentation discussions on how to turn call data into actionable insights and master the complexities of CX through historical intent and sentiment trending, and unlock valuable insights for continuous CSAT improvement. 

Outside the bustle of the expo hall, it was a thrill to join key sessions featuring Opus Research on How Not to Fall Behind in AI and the AI 2027 session featuring Aragon Research Analyst Jim Lundy. His point of view on Digital Labor including virtual agents and digital assistance painted a picture of the future of customer support, freeing up human agents to handle more complex support.  

Lesson 2: People are taking GoTo seriously in the Contact Center space – seriously! 


In case you missed it, just two weeks before Enterprise Connect, we announced GoTo Contact Center Pro. The response at the live event was a thrill. 

Whether a business has outgrown its current contact center product, is looking to switch to a cloud-based solution, or simply needs more robust data and analytics, GoTo Contact Center Pro offers everything businesses need: 

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better and more personal customer engagements with data-driven insights
  • Optimized agent performance
  • Ease when it comes to deployment, use, and scale 

Beyond our GoTo Contact Center Pro solution, GoTo offers a combined, UCaaS and CCaaS solution as well. Our AI-powered contact center software is built to empower agents, inform supervisors, and simplify operations with proven results from customers like Stand for Animals Veterinary Clinic and Go Insurance. 


Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director at The Futurum Group, indicated that the market will notice vendors that seamlessly combine UC & CC: 

“As the market fills with CCaaS options, businesses evaluating their options have a lot to consider, from both an employee and a customer experience perspective. Today’s workers are often distributed across multiple locations, while customers demand friction-free, seamless experiences across multiple channels. For GoTo, offering a combined UCaaS and CCaaS solution built on the strength of their business phone system creates an ecosystem that is designed to address evolving employee and customer requirements. As the convergence of UCaaS and CCaaS continues to evolve, GoTo is focused on delivering intuitive, friction-free experiences across the entire value chain, thereby resulting in enhanced client satisfaction and retention." 

Lesson 3: Still On-Prem? You can realize fast ROI with your cloud migration

The buzz on all things AI may make the average IT pro or business leader feel like everyone else is at the bleeding edge of new tech. Truth be told, it’s not the case. If you’re still on a legacy PBX solution, you’re not alone. Less than 40% of businesses worldwide have migrated to voice and UC solutions to cloud calling and companies still need support. I sat in the Managing the Migration from On-Prem to the Cloud session featuring GoTo’s VP of Product Marketing, Joe Walsh, and moderated by Diane Myers, Principal Analyst at Metrigy.   

A key takeaway on the opportunity to realize fast ROI with your cloud migration is that it requires thorough planning across your people, your business process, and your tech stack. 
  • Maximize people engagement: Prioritize a clear adoption strategy and avoid the disappointment many businesses see not because of the promise of the tech, but the resistance of people to make the shift. Engage your workforce through training, support and clear communication to achieve 100% adoption.
  • Unlock the business capabilities: Your new technology should provide clear paths to improve efficiency and productivity. Engage key stakeholders to assess how the tech can reshape workflows and processes to drive performance and increase ROI. Strategically align your objectives with the capabilities offered in the cloud to ensure you can maximize the benefits.  
  • Ensure thorough technology planning: Develop a detailed deployment roadmap to navigate the transition effectively. Whether it’s a phased rollout or a swift migration, ensure there’s a clear plan for every stage. Prioritize testing and validation to guarantee a smooth deployment and minimize disruption to ensure a successful rollout. 

Lesson 4: Our Solutions Consultants and Marketing Team Are Best-in-Class 

As always, our solutions consultants were absolute stars engaging and connecting on the show floor. You could feel their passion and expertise shine through as they talked about our new Contact Center capabilities.  

The team listened carefully to each customer’s needs and challenges, offering solutions not only for UCaaS and CCaaS across our extensive portfolio of offerings. Hearing GoTo’s own James Weldon (Solutions Consultant) and Ryan Pendergrass (Director, Solutions Consulting) talk about how we can help meet the most pressing needs of the modern digital workplace first-hand was deeply rewarding.  

Lesson 5: Stay Tuned for What We’ll Do Next 

It was an amazing week sharing GoTo’s Greatest & Latest face-to-face with prospects, customers, analysts and more. These latest innovations mark just the beginning of an exhilarating year. So what’s ahead? We’ll build on the amazing ways we transform customer communications with GoTo Contact Center. Our customers are already feeling the positive results:   

"Sentiment and topic detection enables Farmasi to provide visibility to upper management to identify and address negative trends or topics where we didn't have visibility before. Management can now prioritize and focus on high level issues coming out of the contact center so we can rapidly address our customer's needs." 

- Alejandro Machado, Customer Service Trainer 

Stay tuned as we continue to push boundaries with more to come on Interaction Details, Virtual Agents, Reporting, and more. We’re thrilled to redefine customer experiences, and unveil even more groundbreaking features later this year!  

Get started today with the new features and functionality in GoTo Contact Center 

While we’re excited to share these new improvements, join us in our upcoming webinar where we’ll cover the latest updates and more.

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