Whats New: Transforming Customer Communications With GoTo Contact Center



Customer communication works best when it simply works. That’s why our new solutions and features for GoTo Contact Center are focused on transforming your work with AI and creating positive experiences for your customers. We’ll hit the highlights below, but these are just a handful of the 60+ updates across the GoTo portfolio. Check them out!

Unparalleled customer experience fueled by AI

We’re harnessing the power of AI to help you boost productivity and enhance customer service, where every interaction counts. In this new package, you can now take advantage of topic and sentiment analysis for added insights, or immediately act on conversations that require rescuing through Supervisor Recovery – directly increasing customer satisfaction and retention in real-time. Reduce time spent in wrap up with Interaction Summaries, designed to provide instant post-call summaries and call notes. This fully integrated solution delivers cutting-edge AI to drive continuous improvement and enhance customer satisfaction. In fact, Farmasi saw an improvement in visibility and was able to take action.

"Sentiment and topic detection enables Farmasi to provide visibility to upper management to identify and address negative trends or topics where we didn't have visibility before. Management can now prioritize and focus on high level issues coming out of the contact center so we can rapidly address our customer's needs."

-Alejandro Machado, Customer Service Trainer


A contact center solution that’s smarter, accessible, adaptable, and ready to scale

We recently announced our GoTo Contact Center Pro solution designed to bring effortless, affordable and convenient contact center offerings to mid-market and enterprise size companies. With seamless omnichannel engagement and workforce optimization, Contact Center Pro ramps up efficiency and makes every connection more personal. The advanced analytics and campaign management tools help to better understand customer sentiment and optimize customer-facing teams to increase agent and customer satisfaction.


An automated conversational chat assistant designed to engage customers

Looking for a way to answer common customer questions? Well, look no further than the Chat Assistant in GoTo Contact Center. With this interactive tool, you'll be able to transform your customer support with predefined conversational flows. The chat assistant is easy to set up with a drag-and-drop interface to create chat flows or simply use a template that matches your needs. What’s the best part of the chat assistant? The chat assistant will provide human agents with concise conversation summaries, equipping them with everything they need to respond more effectively when called upon.

What’s New: Transforming Customer Communications with GoTo Contact Center

Revamping the chat inbox for more visibility

Until now, chats in the Agent dashboard were only visible to the agents who handle queue-routed chats. With this improvement, queue-routed chats have been moved to the Shared Inbox, making it convenient and easy to handle all conversations. With the move to the Shared Inbox, you’ll be able to view work chats by individual queues, access closed conversations, filter or sort conversations, and have more screen space to easily view contact search results.

See every step in a customer conversation

In our second phase of ‘Interaction Details’ we’ve added more call events and key data points to help understand any nuances to the customer journey. Now you’ll be able to see warm transfer, call parking pickup or parked with warm transfer, dial plan nodes and BYE signal. Additionally, supervisors will be able to analyze and follow up on events including who hung up, the use of wrap up by agents, and when a customer accepts a callback or leaves the queue. These values and additional Interaction Details will help you provide better service during escalations and interrupted customer journeys.

More new features and enhancements

Beyond these updates, we have even more new features to unveil, each designed to enhance the experience and workflow of GoTo Contact Center users:

  • Average Speed of Answer Wallboard Widget: Supervisors and agents can now see the running average for how long customers are waiting in queue from this new wallboard widget. The widget will update in real-time with the day-to-date average speed to answer–allowing for teams to understand the overall urgency in handling contacts throughout the day.
  • Callback & Eviction Detail Reporting: The callback reporting now has more detail to show pending, handled or evicted callbacks, providing a better understanding of the customer’s journey when they request a callback or leave the queue for other reasons.
  • Chat Widgets for Real-Time Wallboards: New widgets have been added to the wallboards to provide key performance data on chat interactions. View and report on chat agent activity, resolved conversations, and more!
  • Missed Ring Attempts Wallboard Widget: Supervisors will be able to see the total missed ring attempts by queue or campaign, helping the contact center understand if calls are going unanswered when dispatched from the queue to an available agent.
  • Percentage-based Wallboard Alerts: Set up your wallboards to trigger alerts and warnings based on percentage thresholds for percentage of agents paused, percentage of campaign calls incomplete, percentage of hold time and percentage of abandoned calls.
  • Export Analytics Boards to PDF: Export the entire analytics board to a formatted PDF for easy sharing.
  • Filter by Contact Number: Filter by the caller’s phone number on the queue caller board to drill into the individual calls from the customer.

Get started today with the new features and functionality in GoTo Contact Center

While we’re excited to share these new improvements, join us in our upcoming webinar where we’ll cover the latest updates and more.

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